The garden bench – place of relaxation and recreation



The garden we use every day should also invite relaxation and recreation. For this it is necessary that places are created in the garden where you can sit undisturbed. Usually the choice of a seating area already worries us, because it is not that simple. A garden bench should be placed where you feel most comfortable and where you are most likely to stay. Of course you are initially bound by the conditions of the garden, but a seating area can already be placed in the area of ​​the garden entrance, provided the garden is connected to the living area.

Room for the garden bench

Each seating area has a garden bench. It is not just a piece of furniture that you place somewhere in the garden. It doesn’t matter if it comes from grandma’s inheritance or from the hardware store, a garden bench needs its place and is really not easy to find.

Old garden bench – in our garden park

Surprisingly, the garden bench is actually one of the oldest pieces of furniture, especially in old houses and gardens. Whether it has gnawed the ravages of time or whether it has been recently restored, an old sofa exudes a flair that industrially crafted furniture pieces simply can’t spread, and not just for the nostalgic. Unfortunately, real old garden benches can hardly be found in their original form these days.
But if you don’t want to search for a really unique item at flea markets for a long time, then depending on your own taste, you can also find it in hardware stores.

Wooden garden bench

Wood is and remains a popular material for use in garden furniture. A bench made of wood exudes calm and naturalness, adapts perfectly to even small gardens and is extremely durable, depending on the wood chosen and its protection.

wooden bench in the garden
wooden bench in the garden

As mentioned above, choosing the right place for the sofa is much more difficult. As a rule, the place of the garden bench is the entrance. Either directly on the garden gate or next to the front door of the house, it is highly recommended. A bench just belongs next to the door of a real farm.

Bench for a half-timbered house
Bench for a half-timbered house

If the bench is to be a place to stay, it should be in the most beautiful spot in the garden. For example, with a view of the beautiful flowers or herbs in the garden. In front of her should be the best view of the resting person and behind her there should be enough cover, like a curtain for the scene to spread out in front of.

Old garden bench
Old garden bench



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