This is the average salary in Munich


The Bavarian state capital is the leader among Germany’s cities when it comes to rental prices: With an average rental price of EUR 18.48 per square meter in the first quarter of 2021, Munich is even well ahead of Frankfurt in second place (EUR 15.75) and Stuttgart in third place (EUR 18 .48 euros). Anyone who lives in Munich studies there or works there has known for a long time that the cost of living is high. Without a good salary, it will be difficult in Munich. But how much do Munich residents earn? We looked at our data and determined the average salary for Munich.

The average salary in Munich

The current average salary for Munich is currently 55,763 euros gross per year. This puts Munich at the top of the list of German cities with the highest salaries, followed by Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main. After all: Munich is not only the city with the highest rents, but also the highest average salary in Germany – the income seems to be in relation to the rents. However, whether the salary really covers the cost of living in the Bavarian state capital is another very individual question. The salary satisfaction of Munich residents is rather positive: According to users, it is 64 percent and also places Munich in the top 3 German cities in this area.

Average salary by occupation

The average salary in a city reflects a general trend and makes Germany’s cities comparable with one another. But of course, it looks different from job to job. We looked at the average annual salary for certain jobs and ranked the ten best-paid jobs in Munich.

Your average salary in Munich is as…

For this overview, we use the ten professions that are represented in most sectors in Germany. If your job is not listed, you can use the paycheck to find out about your salary options.

Top 10 best-paid jobs in Munich

These are the jobs in Munich with the highest average salary:

Only occupations for which at least 200 data points are available were included in the assessment. General job titles as well as managerial jobs were excluded.

* The linked salary pages of the salary check refer to the average salary in Germany and therefore deviate from the salaries given here for Munich.

Top 10 industries in Munich by average salary

The industry also has an impact on salary. These are the ten best-paying sectors in Munich:

Only sectors for which we have at least 500 salary details were included.

These 10 companies pay the best in Munich

Last but not least, it depends on which employer you work for and how high the salary level is in the company.


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