Best paid jobs in Switzerland


Money isn’t everything – that’s clear. There are many other things to consider when choosing a career. The salary, however, plays no insignificant role. In Switzerland, often referred to as a “tax wonderland”, there are some attractive professions whose wages you have to pay comparatively little tax. But which professions actually earn the most money? In our ranking, we reveal the top 40 best-paid jobs in Switzerland.

High-wage occupations: ranking criteria

The ranking is based on authentic user information in the paycheck. In order to be able to give you helpful and insightful insight into our ranking, we have not included every job known to us at in the ranking. The fact that you can earn well in professions such as a chief physician or head of the department is no surprise and hardly helps you! That is why we have only focused on certain professions. Were excluded:

The highest paid jobs in Switzerland 2022

Does money even make you happy? And if so how much? In their renowned study from 2010, Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and his colleague Angus Deaton found out that an annual income of 75,000 US dollars (currently approx. 72,600 CHF) is the magic threshold to happiness. According to the two researchers, employees are happiest with this annual income. According to the paycheck, wages in Switzerland are well above this hurdle.

This is the highest paid job in Switzerland

Software architect: in

In the ranking of the best-paid professions, software architect:in is clearly at the top with CHF 134,300*. It’s no secret that you can earn good money in the MINT industry. In the course of digitization, MINT is becoming increasingly important and the demand for skilled workers is increasing. But what exactly does a software architect do?

As a software architect, your main task is to develop computer programs. However, the development process is not just about programming itself. The program must first be designed and planned. Only after a concrete draft does the software developer start the actual programming work. With some professional experience, you can even earn up to CHF 184,400* per year as a software architect according to the paycheck. The minimum salary is also impressive at CHF 110,100*. Employers with top salaries for software architects currently* include Microsoft Switzerland, Swiss Reinsurance Company, and Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.

Here you will find 40 jobs in Switzerland that have the highest average salaries in the paycheck.

These are the high-paying jobs in Switzerland

By the way: If you are interested in how much the neighboring countries earn, here are the best-paid jobs in Germany and the best-paid jobs in Austria.

These are the worst-paid jobs in Switzerland

Unfortunately, there are also jobs that provide great added value for our society but fall short in terms of wages.

Does a high salary also mean a high level of satisfaction?

Despite the high wages: satisfaction with earnings varies greatly in the highest-paid professions in Switzerland. At 80 percent, IT consultant is the happiest professional group, closely followed by software architect, country manager, and internet security expert. The less well-paid professionals, such as early childhood educators or building cleaners are all over 50 percent, but somewhat less satisfied with their wages. Die: der retail clerk is not only at the bottom end of the pay list but is also the least satisfied with the remuneration at 48 percent. We calculate salary satisfaction based on the information provided by our users. They indicate whether they rate their salary as good or very good.


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