The Proximity Time Clock: An Advantageous Addition to Your Business


The use of biometric devices has aided us in a variety of ways. This has served us well since the dawn of the biometric era. The benefits of biometric attendance systems are numerous, as they reduce our time and human labor consumption. Most importantly, we do not have to exert effort to manage attendance.

Previously, these biometric machines were not widely used; to put it another way, most of us were unaware of them. However, as technology advances, biometric devices are becoming increasingly popular.

Proximity Time Clock
Proximity Time Clock

The Benefits of Proximity Time Clocks In The Workplace- 

Modern innovation and technology have brought much advancement that helps businesses grow, expand, and be more productive.

One of the technologies many companies use is biometric technology. Because of their numerous advantages, biometric attendance and time terminals are becoming increasingly popular. Biometric terminals read each employee’s fingerprint, hand, iris, or face shape, thus preventing employees from showing up to each other and avoiding employee time theft.

Modern systems use secure and straightforward technology, one of the advantages of using biometric proximity time clocks for identification. This produces accurate results with little user intervention.

Additionally, the watch itself is quick to install with minimal training required to get started. “Buddy Punch” has been repealed. As previously stated, one of the most significant advantages of biometrics for organizational attendance and time management is that employees cannot clock each other.

Some businesses can lose tens of thousands of dollars (or more) per year due to time theft. Biometric proximity time clocks cannot be duplicated, so employees cannot check in with other colleagues when not in the building.

1.      Increased Productivity-

Biometric proximity time clocks eliminate the need for manual timing. This saves time for employees, lowers labor costs, and provides payroll with an accurate picture of work data. This will help you manage your entire business more efficiently and productively.

Biometrics is the most precise option for identifying employees because biometric credentials are unique to everyone and cannot be duplicated or tampered with.

This type of technology helps businesses accurately track employee attendance and hours. The benefits of biometrics in terms of accuracy don’t stop there. The technology also eliminates early leaving, late arrivals, and unauthorized overtime.

2.      Improved return on investment (ROI)-

Implementing proximity time clocks helps businesses achieve a positive return on investment. It eliminates employee theft, beatings from friends, and many other problems caused by gaps and inaccuracies in ancient times and attendance systems. These legacy systems cost many companies millions of dollars each year.

3.      Enhanced Employee Accountability With Audit Trails- 

One of the lesser-known benefits of time and attendance biometrics is the audit trail it creates. Employees are forced to accept responsibility for their actions under these systems. Employees can quickly identify and blame long or frequent breaks, unscheduled lunches, or other time wastes, resulting in dramatic productivity gains.

Proximity Time Clock
Proximity Time Clock

4.      Increased Job Satisfaction- 

In some circumstances, employees may work overtime to deal with unusual situations. However, constant overtime and overtime can exhaust even the most dedicated and dedicated workers. This is especially true when employees aren’t even sure all their hard work is being noticed.

With proper use of quality biometric proximity time clocks, employers can identify excessive overtime situations and adjust appropriately to balance workloads. That way, your employees won’t be overwhelmed. Even if there is overtime, there is a certainty that it will attract attention.

5.      Convenient Option- 

Biometric proximity time clocks are considered a practical security solution because it does not require remembering passwords, not require ID cards, not require ID cards, documents, etc.

This allows employees to get to work quickly and not worry about missing stamps. I forgot my access card.

There is no doubt that biometric watches offer many advantages. Many large companies and businesses use these systems today, but it’s also beneficial for small businesses to consider them.

This machine reduces employee theft, boosts productivity, and offers a high return on investment. Installing a biometric watch from Advance Systems makes sense.


Finally, the benefits of proximity time clocks in attendance systems far outweigh the initial cost of implementation, whether in terms of efficiency, investment, or culture. Note that the probability is low. So the sooner you invest, the more competitive you will be.


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