4 Main Signs Showing That You Need to Hire an Electrician


Electrical systems in your commercial building or home are among the vital systems you have. Without electrical systems, you can’t change devices, watch TV, or use appliances. Plus, the whole household system will surely come to a standstill when there are electrical issues. When these issues arise, some homeowners prefer fixing those problems themselves.

While the DIY approach is a good idea, electrical issues and repairs are risky, dangerous, and complicated to handle. This why it is important to call an electrician Northern Beaches whenever you observe some of the following signs:

1.      Flickering Lights When Using Appliances

Flickering or dim lights can be more than an inconvenience, particularly when lighting takes a couple of seconds to go back to normal. However, flickering lights are usually a symptom of deteriorating wiring or an overloaded circuit.

Although it may not be a major issue now, waiting until it becomes too late may lead to losing power at home or even something worse.

2.      Tripping Circuit Breaker

Everyone has experienced a power outage at some point in life. At times, plugging your toaster may randomly make your circuit break trip. But if it regularly trips and loses power, this can be a sign that you are dealing with a serious problem.

A tripping circuit mostly means you overload the electrical system, and your unit is drawing more currents than it should. If you notice such a problem, contact a qualified electrician who can find the root of the issue and update the system to avoid the problem in the future.

3.      Strange Sounds

Listen keenly to the sound throughout the house. If you hear a buzzing noise, you would want to enlist the services of a qualified electrician. Try to locate where the strange noise is coming from. At times, this sound may mean you have some loose screw terminals. But in some cases, the sound can show there is a wiring problem.

Take time to look at the breaker box and singed wires. If you are not able to know where the noise is coming from, contact a qualified electrician immediately.

4.      Burnt Smell

When you walk into the kitchen, living room, or bathroom and notice a burnt smell but are unable to know the source, it could be coming from your walls. There are reasons for this issue, from short circuits to old wiring.

However, if you identify the burnt smell and track it to a fuse box or electrical outlet, immediately switch off the power and contact the expert.

Plus, if you notice discoloration in the outlet and not the smell alone, the burning is happening behind the walls with the faulty wiring causing small fires or sparking. Whether or not you identify the root of the issue, a burnt smell may mean there could be a fire outbreak, and it will be best to contact an electrician right away.


Avoid dealing with electrical issues by yourself. This is dangerous and can do more harm than good. Instead, contact a qualified and licensed electrician to come and have a look at the system and make repairs.


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