The Inside Out About The Netball Competition


In Australia, netball is one of the most played games among people of all ages. Earlier girls were active participants of netball game. But eventually over the years, it has gained popularity all over the nation. If you are in Australia, you will encounter people enjoying this game. It has now become very popular among every single person in Australia. As result of the game’s popularity among the masses, there are netball competitions and tournaments organized across the country. To make this a legit competition, a separate government organization in Australia has been established called Netball Australia. It has successfully organized many domestic netball competitions like Suncorp Super Netball.

What is Netball?

Let’s understand what exactly Netball is that has gained so much attention and love. It is a ball sport in which involves two teams to participate. You play this game inside a rectangular court which is divided into 3 regions. There are two goalposts, each ten feet in height at both the ends. There are 2 umpires, who make sure that everyone follows the rule and there is no foul committed to maintain the integrity of the game. The main aim of the netball competition is to score more goals from the opponent team.

There are 7 members in each team. Every member holds fixed positions. These positions are goal shooter, wing attack, goal attack, center, wing defense, goalkeeper, and goal defense.

Before Playing Netball Remember

Here are some basic rules that you need to know and follow them while playing this game- My first professional basketball game will be the Harlem Globetrotters

●Your main goal is to keep the ownership of the ball and to score.

●Once your team gets the ball, everyone will run, bounce, toss, to move the ball into its objective circle from where you or your team member can easily goal.

●Don’t run if you are holding the ball.

●You have to defend and not let the opposite team score if they have the ball in their hands.

●When you get the ball you have to throw it within 3 seconds.

●You can attack or protect the ball in your assigned region.

●When you are defending you have to maintain approximately 90 cm distances. Also, you can’t touch any player while they are holding the ball.

●You have to be physically, mentally, and technically aware. So that you don’t get hurt.

Organizations That Will Help You Develop Your Skills In Australia

If you want to learn netball and want to participate in netball competition, there are many organizations that will support you in developing your skills. There are dedicated schools too that provide professional training for netball.

Who All Can Play Netball?

People from all age groups can play and enjoy this game. As you don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying any equipment or special gears. All you need is a ball and your sports shoes. It is comparatively a much safer game as no touching is allowed so there is no way any one can harm you intentionally or unintentionally. This leaves very less chances of you getting serious injuries unless you fall while running. You can easily remember all the rules and regulations of this game as there are not many restrictions. This game is all about your coordination with your team and your activeness.


Netball competition area fun to participate in and also watch other play this amazing sport. With this article we have tried to provide you the basic information on netball. So what are you waiting for? Tighten your laces and get on the court to enjoy this energetic game.


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