The garden shed and its advantages: can anyone still manage without a garden shed?


Anyone looking for a real enrichment for their garden is well advised with a garden shed. It has numerous advantages and is not only used to accommodate garden tools or guests after longer celebrations.

The garden house: build from wood or concrete?

Traditionally, the garden shed is used to store garden tools so that they last longer. But in modern times, the little house in the garden has been given far greater importance. Today it serves as an office for the home office, is used as a guest house and partly for the installation of a private sauna. Anyone who is faced with the decision of which little house might be the best is sure to ask themselves: wood or stone – which material should it be?

Wood as an ecological variant

If you are building a wooden garden house, you can use many different kits. The house can be set up in a very short time and is available in various styles. It comes with a Scandinavian look, as a small villa or as a classic garden house.

Wood is an ecologically compatible building material, but its prices have recently risen significantly. Nevertheless: wood is ideal and the house, if it is well cared for and impregnated, will withstand storms, rain and weathering for many years to come. If necessary, it can be repainted. Thanks to modern insulating materials, it can even be used as a house.

Stone as a more durable variant

A wooden house does not necessarily have a shorter lifespan than a garden shed made of stone! The latter is significantly more expensive. However, it is also more robust in terms of weathering. A wooden garden shed must be well cared for over the long term. If the impregnation wears off, it must be renewed. This is not necessary with a house made of stone.

It may have to be re-pointed after a few years because the joint compound between the stones is crumbling. If the facade is plastered and painted, the paint may need to be renewed. When choosing the material, however, the costs are usually in the foreground. These are significantly lower in a wooden house, and the construction time is also shorter. So the scales should always tip in favor of timber construction.

Advantages of garden houses at a glance

What are the specific advantages of a garden shed? This question is not easy to answer, because there are really many advantages that become apparent when using such a house in the garden.

Important tips: If you want to buy a garden house online and look around the web accordingly, you will see how large the selection of different models is. Everyone will find their favorite house here! Please also compare the prices and not just the material. But back to the benefits.

  1. Use without limits

    The use of a garden house is not defined or there is no specification of what can and cannot be accommodated here. Of course, the cottage can serve as a storage place for garden tools, tools and various materials for the garden can be stored here. But if you want to build such a house, you certainly want to use it differently and not just turn it into a simple tool shed!

    A conceivable use results, among other things, as:

    • hobby room
    • workshop
    • garden kitchen
    • guest house
    • party room
    • retreat
    • home office

    It can also be used for wellness purposes: why not build a sauna in the garden house? More and more people who have recognized the advantages of sweating and have their own sauna built according to the Scandinavian model are taking advantage of this opportunity.

  2. Create living space in the garden

    The kids will love staying outside in the garden shed in the summer! Even those who cannot go on vacation in a year can simply move out of their house into the garden shed and feel like they are on vacation there.

    Of course, such a short holiday can also take place over the weekend or in winter, but in the latter case it should be possible to heat the house. Friends can also stay there for a short time or spend the night after the summer party before returning home the next day.

    Important tips: In addition to heating, there should also be good insulation. It is also important that a building permit is available, although the relevant regulations vary from state to state.

  3. Store garden tools safely

    When listing the advantages of garden sheds, it must also be taken into account that they were actually intended to house garden tools. They still are and for any other use, this original type of use should still be possible. Perhaps a separate room can be used accordingly, or the cottage gets a small extension that is accessible from the outside.

    So nobody has to go into the house with dirty shoes to get a spade and rake. In any case, the garden equipment and tools get a safe roof over their heads, which significantly extends their lifespan.

    Tips: The devices should ideally be able to be attached, so be sure to pay attention to this possibility when considering the height of a possible extension. In addition, a separate area should be large enough to accommodate everything, otherwise the devices will quickly be relocated to the little house due to a lack of space.

  4. create eye-catcher

    One of the advantages of the garden houses is, of course, that they visually enhance the garden. They can even become real eye-catchers when presented in the green of lawns and hedges.

    Imagine a garden shed standing in the snow in winter, it can be heated properly and the smoke slowly rises. A real winter idyll! Anyone who relies on garden houses made of wood can also paint them in other colors as they wish and thus create new eye-catchers.

  5. Create a quiet spot in the garden

    Sometimes household, job and family are just too much. But you can’t just go on vacation either! Then escape to the short break in the garden – and use the advantages of your own garden house. It offers an optimal opportunity to take a break from the stressful everyday life and to withdraw for some time. It is important that the house is furnished accordingly and also presents itself as a place of retreat.

    This means that everything must be available here that makes the person concerned feel comfortable. Music, a comfortable sofa or armchair, various books or other things that are individually needed to let your soul dangle.

    The advantages of the garden house: its quiet location, the seclusion from the house and the possibility to close the doors. Anyone who simply withdraws to the garden and wants to relax there, for example on the Hollywood swing, must always expect to be “found” by those around them.

  6. Just be a home builder

    Anyone who has always wanted to build their own house has the perfect opportunity with the garden shed. While there are only limited possibilities to lend a hand with a home of your own, the garden owner can realize himself with his little house in the countryside.

    With both stone and wood, there is the opportunity to implement your own ideas regarding the construction method. However, the prospective home builder should inquire with the responsible city administration whether there are certain requirements to be observed.

    In terms of a uniform design of the gardens and plots, it may be that the garden house may not exceed a certain size, may not have a turret and that it cannot be built in a defined area. Annoying when someone builds and then everything has to be demolished again! It is therefore better to inform yourself accordingly in advance and to adhere to the specifications as best as possible.

    Tip: If you are thinking of building on the border, you should discuss this with your neighbors beforehand, even if it is only a small garden shed. It can also have advantages to build the house in the middle of the garden!


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