Making an Inventory list for your removals


Having an inventory list will enable you to make a sustainable relocating experience. We often make a checklist when we go on a trip or shop, but making an inventory list during removals is a great way to ensure that you are listing all the things you want to take to your new location. Only some people are aware of making such a list and think that whatever is at home is packed and carried to the new home. Making a list will give you a sense of clarity, and you will not unnecessarily spend a lot of money transporting things that you weren’t using previously and will not use in the new location either.

What the inventory list constitutes

This list is handy as it also can contain other relevant information. Read more Info online

  • List of items
  • Type of items
  • Original value
  • Current value
  • Year of purchase
  • Receipt and warranty numbers
  • Date of purchase
  • Noting down the label of the box in which it is being packed
  • Also, where the item is going to be (room) placed is noted down 
  • Other things

A detailed list such as this is worthwhile for valuable items such as antiques, heirlooms, paintings, sculptures, etc., that they possess. However, a normal list would just be a list of themes and the quantity which can suffice for common household goods.

Why do we need an inventory list

Moving to a new place is itself a laborious task, and making a list on top of it may seem like an added workload. However, it may seem frivolous to some. Yet, it definitely can be done within a short span of time if you are organized and allow you to be tension-free when professional removalists come by to perform their job. Using the list, you will not miss out on any items that need to be packed, left behind, or stored in storage. Click here for more info.

Having an inventory checklist is a good measure to be in control of the situation and not panic at the last moment, thinking whether you wanted to take something or should have left it behind. All these thoughts often make the relocating part very stressful, dissuading people from actually procrastinating about the whole situation.

Importance of an inventory checklist for removals

  • Allows for removals cost estimation 
  • Price and purchase details are good enough to apply for insurance on the goods
  • Listing can allow you to declutter your home and take things that actually matter
  • With the list in your hand, you can track your things from when it’s packed to unpacking them at your new home.
  • In case of damage or loss of the goods, it becomes easier to file a complaint against the removalists.

How to make one

You can make a simple or complex one. If it is the complex one you choose, work on the layout structure, outline appropriately, and fill in the details as required. After making a list is good to mark the priority items, which can also be bifurcated into heavy and fragile items. To make it easier, you could do the inventory for each room and sum it up at the end. Breaking down the list into smaller modules enables easy identification and cross-checking later or whenever necessary.

Several people may skip the common household items and may not deem them to be part of the inventory checklist for removal. However, it should be noted that household items are important too and going into a new home without them on the list can make you forget one or two items causing regret later. The increasing number of items in each home can often make the index of items go to more than a hundred items. Hence be careful of repeating items. Old and unused items which may not be needed can be trashed and need not be part of your inventory list that you would want to take to your new home.


Handwritten inventory lists are passe, and now with advanced tech, you can easily make a digital copy on a worksheet with a complete breakdown of all the items in a neat and organized manner. It can be used to cross out the items after the removalists do the packing. Also, noting down the label number beside the items will enable you not to miss out on anything even after reaching your new location. In a way, having this list with you can save so much of your time as you wouldn’t have to search the entire house for things and find them easily.


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