Make figures from car tires for the garden – instructions for minions, swans, frogs and a coffee cup



Whether as an accessory in the children’s play corner or as a fun decoration somewhere in the middle of the bed, figures made of car tires can be really fun accessories and eye-catchers. Depending on the figure, you may not need more than a hoop and paint, or even a few extra materials like wires or wooden beams, but in the end it’s not difficult to make. We have looked for a few ideas that you can implement in your little paradise.

Make figures out of car tires – Common materials

You will need the same tools and materials to make most car tire figures. You can replace some devices with more everyday ones if you don’t have them, but this will make your job more difficult. In general, you should have the following ready:

  • tires
  • colored paint
  • Jigsaw (or very sharp and large knife)
  • drill

Coffee mug for a vintage feel à la Alice in Wonderland

Figures from car tires - make a teacup from three tires as a bucket

For this cute cup, which you can use as a flower pot, you need a round sheet of plywood as a base that has a slightly wider diameter than the hoop. This plate represents the saucer, but it can also be left out, for example to guarantee better drainage (or you can cut a hole in the middle to make a ring for this purpose). Furthermore, you use two hoops, whereby the upper one should be a bit larger to get the typical cup shape.

Figures made from car tires - Cool mug with dots and colorful flowers

From the top, use a jigsaw to cut a strip along the seam to allow the edge to bulge outwards (drill a hole in the rubber first to position the jigsaw). Cut out the handle from a third hoop, more precisely the part with the profile, which should be easy to bend afterwards. Now paint the tires and tire parts in the desired colors and let them dry (apply a second coat if necessary).

Decorate creatively with recycled materials for the garden

Now bend the handle into the desired position and drill holes through the handle and hoop to then fix the former with carriage bolts. Place or stick the tires on the plate, ideally in the desired spot in the garden. If you want, you can make several figures out of car tires and arrange them in groups in the garden. Fill them with soil and plant them.

Swan made of car tires – instructions for replication

Make figures from car tires - swan as a planter for flowers on the terrace

There are several ways to cut the hoop for the swan, but generally you only need one and possibly a second as a support to place the swan in. You only cut the top half of the hoop: a narrow strip down the middle for the long neck and head, and the two outer pieces that remain, slightly bend aside to make the wings. This is the simplest option.

Do-it-yourself garden idea - white swans for decoration

You can now decorate these wings, if you like, by creating jagged edges that represent the plumage. You can also form a tail with the rear part of the hoop. Then all you have to do is paint it.

Figures made from car tires - recycling DIY for the garden

You can also make swans as figures out of car tires with plants or simply place a flower pot in the body. But they also look very pretty on their own.

Funny minions as garden decoration

Funny garden decoration with minions in yellow and blue

If you like unusual decoration for the garden, you can make Minions. In principle, it is enough if you simply recycle the car tires by painting them. But with a few extra accessories, the minions look even cooler, especially in groups.

Place minions in groups in the yard or in the children's play area

Minion made of car tires – instructions

Use at least three of these car tire figures, or even better, combine larger and smaller Minions. The top hoop is the head and turns yellow. On the rest you design the blue pants. The eyes can be painted on or made from cans, lids, or other recycled items.

Decorate the bed with a frog

Decoration idea with frog for the garden design made of tires

A frog is guaranteed to make you smile. You need three larger and two smaller tires for it and it does not necessarily have to be cut and drilled. You can also replace the small hoops with other materials (e.g. cans, lids or small buckets). After painting them green, place two of the hoops side by side on the ground and the third one in the middle of the bottom two.

Frog made of car tires and pipe insulation in green color

You can also omit the front legs, but you can also make these quickly and easily using pool noodles, pipe insulation or elastic pipes (e.g. from the old vacuum cleaner). The feet are either made of cardboard (not waterproof!) or you can make them out of foam rubber, tire rubber or some other weatherproof material. You can also get really creative with the frog made out of car tires.

Figures from old car tires – horse swing for children

Tinker figures from car tires - horse as a swing for children

Figures made from car tires that can be used to swing are not only decorative but also useful. This idea with a horse figure is a bit more complex, but it is definitely worth it. Use the template in the picture above to see how you should cut the tire. Again, use a jigsaw for this purpose, which you can insert into the rubber after you’ve drilled a hole in it.

As strong as the rubber seems to be, it’s probably not good enough for sitting. Therefore, you need to make the horse’s seat area and neck more stable with metal rods. You also keep the individual parts in place by fastening them together with carriage bolts. Tie some rope and add a mane if you like and the tire horse is ready.



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