DIY bike racks for the garden and outdoors: ideas for cheap bike racks made from upcycled materials



A simple and sturdy DIY bike rack can help you declutter your garden and store your bike in a sustainable way. Anyone who owns a bike knows how important proper bike storage can be. This also applies to everything related to it, such as helmet, water bottle, gloves and gear in general. Additionally, there are many ways to achieve this in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way by upcycling old items. Here are some examples of creative bike racks that you can try for yourself.

Find inspiration for functional and aesthetic DIY bike racks

While most contemporary home designs accommodate an owner’s car, similar accommodations for two wheelers are less common. However, you can create your own storage solution. Check out the following projects for inspiration. No matter what area of ​​your garden or patio it is, you need to make sure your bikes are safely stored and not cluttering up your home.

diy bicycle stand painted in blue color with hook for storing bicycle helmets

You can build a bike rack yourself that stores any bike, including children’s bikes, scooters and various accessories. Of course, the whole thing should also look good so that it fits in with the corresponding outdoor space. In addition, it is recommended to take up as little space as possible with it as well as to make the stand stable.

Create a bike mount out of pallets or scrap wood

simple diy project for bicycle rack made of wooden pallets on the wall outdoorsjpg

To pull off a project like this, you need look no further than your basement, shed, or garage if you have a stash of scrap wood or wooden pallets. At least in the examples shown, only straight cuts are required, so no woodworking expertise is required. If you wish, you can paint, stain or just leave your creation unfinished naturally after completion. You could build a bike rack out of wood that could also include some hooks for helmets. The shelf could look something like this. Another benefit is that you can paint wood any color you want and it can be as small or as large as needed.

Additionally, you don’t necessarily have to modify a shipping pallet to have it function as a DIY bike rack. The slats are spaced far enough apart, but not too far apart, to support a bicycle wheel. Just lean the pallet against a wall in the garden area and you have an easy solution. The best part is that palettes are readily available, if not for free then for very little money. Another option is to repurpose the palette with a little crafting skill like in the video above.

How you can use crib for a DIY bike rack

Upcycling an unused baby crib with rope and wood to create a DIY bike stand with a holder for helmets

If your little kids are already grown, chances are you have an old crib lying around. Did you know that the width between the sipes fits a bicycle wheel perfectly? Everything you need for such a DIY project can be found in your garage. In addition, you can repurpose your old crib by turning part of it into a bike mount. Here are the materials you will need for this:

old supplies such as scrap wood and part of a crib for DIY bike racks for outdoor use

  • Fall protection of the crib
  • string or rope
  • 4 eye hooks
  • screws
  • drill
  • 3 pieces of wood – two short pieces and one long piece that depends on the length of the fall protection

Building instructions:

use the fall protection of a crib as a basis for bicycle holders and realize a diy project yourself

  • First, screw the smaller pieces of wood to the crib’s fall protection. When doing this, make sure to drill a pilot hole first and attach a piece of wood to each end.
  • Next, screw the longer pieces of wood to the shorter pieces.
  • Then screw an eye hook into the base and one into the wooden frame. Do the same on the other end of the bike rack.
  • Thread the cord through the eye hooks and secure with a knot.
  • If you feel the need to paint the bike mount, you can paint it to your liking.

Make bike holder from old tree trunk

creative and eco-friendly idea for diy bike stand made from tree trunk for outside with saw

All you need to make this is a saw. Additionally, this can be an innovative and eco-friendly way to turn a fallen tree into something useful. To do this, simply measure the width of your wheels and saw the appropriate spaces in the wood to create a natural mount. With little effort, you can add another piece of nature to your garden area while providing functional bike storage.

Bicycle rack made from old car tires for the garden

DIY bike stand Bury car tires in the garden and create a stable mount for the bike

Here’s another easy and eco-friendly way to turn old car tires into a useful and weatherproof DIY bike rack. You can use your garden soil for this, whereby you can save the top layer of soil with grass by carefully cutting it off. Then dig a hole in the shape of a U-letter the size of the tire. After that, put the tire in, fill it with soil and put the top layer of soil back with grass. The distance between two tires should be at least 5 cm.



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