Good night greetings: nice words to fall asleep


Whether you fall asleep together or think of your loved one or a good friend before you fall asleep, good night greetings warm the heart and let the recipient fall asleep with loving thoughts. Whether between spouses, lovers, or friends, warm greetings are always welcome as a nice end to a day.

Who are good night greetings for?

Love good night sayings do not always have to be exchanged between newly in love. Children also appreciate loving greetings from their parents before they fall asleep, and connecting words between friends are always welcome.

The dear good night greetings should express one thing above all: You are important to me and I also think of you before falling asleep.

Which words should not be missing in the greetings?

A dear sweet good night greeting should express affection and wish the recipient a peaceful sleep with sweet dreams. The greeting shows the recipient that the other is thinking of him and wants to be with him in the dream as well. A dear good night greeting does not necessarily have to be a longing love text. It can also be a little greeting from the mother to the child in its bed, which is intended to help it glide safely into the land of dreams. Or even a small good night greeting to a special friend who has been an integral part of life for a long time.

How do you write good night greetings?

There are many examples of good night greetings. But when using it, not every word should be adopted. The special thing about a good night greeting is the individual touch. This shows that the writer thought of the recipient and tried to be close to him. Good night greetings between romantic partners should always contain allusions to the person or shared beautiful experiences.

The texts can be written on paper and placed on the pillow of the bed. If the recipient is not present, texts can also be sent as SMS or via WhatsApp. A short video greeting via TikTok is also modern.

What to do if the sheet remains blank?

Not everyone has the gift of a poet. Nevertheless, beautiful and soulful words can be put on paper. Anyone who thinks they can’t find a thought should sit back, relax and think of the recipient. Then the words you want to put on paper appear of their own accord and flow fluently from the pen. The important thing is that it is a personal text that makes the hour before falling asleep something special. If you still don’t get kissed by the muse, the following texts can serve as a basis for your own ideas.

Inspirations for dear good night texts

Which words are written down for a good night text depends on the type of relationship and the recipient.

Dear good night greetings for a child

  • Sleep tight and take care my darling. I always wake up by your bed.
  • Have nice dreams about all the things that you experienced today.
  • The stars watch over you, as does your mother’s heart.
  • The stars twinkle just for you to light your way to dreamland.
  • Fall asleep to the gentle lullaby, my child.
  • My hand on your cradle accompanies you to dreamland.
  • The Sandman has sprinkled golden dream sand in your eyes so that you can have sweet dreams.

Love good night greetings for a boyfriend or girlfriend

Good night greetings are important not only for the beloved partner but also for good friends. Especially in friendships, you should always express how strong the connection and affection for the friend is.

  • Sleep well my friend until we meet again tomorrow.
  • I’m always there for you. Our thoughts find each other even in sleep.
  • When you see the stars in the sky, you also see the smile I send you.
  • Hello, I’m stopping by to wish you a good night.
  • Before you fall asleep, I’ll send you a quick hug.
  • You are my dearest friend, so I send you a good night greeting. Sleep well.
  • I wish you a good night and sweet dreams.
  • The moon has awakened, I wish you a good night.
  • The work is done, I wish you a restful night.
  • With a late greeting after sunset, I wish you a good night and sweet dreams.

Dear good night greetings to the loved one and loved one

There is a particularly close bond between lovers, which can be tied even closer by small gifts such as good night greetings. Good night greetings show your partner that you are always with them, even if that is not always physically possible.

  • When you close your eyes, the stars in the sky must replace the twinkle.
  • With the evening wind, I send you a kiss that gently tells you of my love.
  • I sent you the sandman so that you can dream of me at night.
  • Even when you’re not by my side, our hearts find each other in sleep.
  • As your cuddly toy, I could lie in your soft arms.
  • Your love has also enchanted my dreams.
  • My last thought before going to sleep is you, as is my first thought upon waking up. I love you.
  • I’ll take the moon and the stars from the sky for you. But all the sparkle cannot replace the glow in your eyes.
  • The twinkling of the stars shows you my laughter and my love when I think of you.

Small good night sayings ensure a good night’s sleep as a routine in the evening.

As soon as we close our eyes, all the problems of the day come to the surface again. The constantly recurring thoughts prevent you from falling asleep quickly.

A little good night greeting from your loved one makes you feel more secure and stronger. Thoughts focus on the loved one and ensure peaceful sleep with sweet dreams. Small good night greetings sweeten even difficult separations and awaken the joy of seeing each other again.


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