5 Hens Night Etiquette You Mustn’t Forget


Planning a hens night involves plenty of responsibilities. There are many things to arrange, from creating the guest list and arranging hens night games and food to deciding on the budget. But most importantly, you’ll have to lay down ground rules to ensure everyone has a happy night. If you’ve been invited to a hens night or asked to arrange one, here are a few hens night rules everyone must follow: 

1.      Always Consult The Bride About Her Party: 

Not everyone appreciates a surprise party. Some brides like being in control of the celebration and prefer if they were consulted about the venue, guest list, etc. In fact, hens nights are primarily arranged in consultation with the bride. They need not know everything, but they must be informed of the date, guest list, and venue. For instance, the bride may not be happy inviting her in-laws or would like to stay away from raunchy themes. It all depends on the personality of the bride. Does the bride love spontaneity, or is she someone who prefers packing her bags a few weeks beforehand? Naturally, the first type loves a surprise and is ready for full-blown fun. 

2.      Make Sure Everyone Is Aware Of The Budget: 

Not everyone may have the budget for an elaborate weekend vacation or a destination hens night. Communicate with everyone about how much they can afford so that you can plan a party that suits everyone’s budget. Irrespective of the budget, the bridesmaids have to chip in for the bride. 

If you’re planning an elaborate weekend event that could be expensive, allow guests to pick and choose activities they’d like to participate in – for instance, some of your guests can opt out of a spa or salon session while enjoying other activities. Make sure you have a contingency plan if you don’t want to have a huge credit card bill. 

3.      Make Sure There Are Plenty Of Activities To Keep Everyone Entertained: 

There are plenty of traditional hens night games that are fun and interesting and can be purchased online. Some popular ones include cake decoration, what’s in my bag, truth or dare, and how well you know the groom. 

If you’re planning a party at a beach house or a friend’s house, make sure the house is well decorated with hens night themed supplies and decorations like banners, buntings, balloons, confetti, and sashes. 

4.      Don’t Embarrass The Bride Or Other Guests: 

A little mischief can stir up some laughter but don’t get too carried away and embarrass the bride. Not everyone’s idea of a hens night involves stripper or pecker-shaped decorations, especially if the hens party requires family and in-laws. 

And definitely, don’t get too drunk, even if the idea seems tempting. There’s nothing more irritating for the bride than having her special night ruined by a selfish friend looking to become the centre of attraction. You don’t want to create a scene only to be removed from the nightclub. 



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