4 Advantages Of Using A Turkish Towel


Turkish towels have a long history – they were used a few hundred years ago in hammams to cover the body and made using different materials. For example, the one made with silk was called fota while cotton wovens were called peshtemals. They’re used and loved even today, not just by the Turks but people across the world. Here, we list some of the many benefits of using a Turkish towel:

They are hypoallergenic:

Wet towels smell not only musty but also harbour nasty bacteria, especially when placed in a damp area. Unclean towels also cause mould growth. Bacteria and mould could trigger an allergic reaction. Turkish towels are made from 100% cotton.  As we now know, pure cotton is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin. When buying Turkish towels, look for towels made using organic cotton and free from synthetic chemicals and dyes. These are especially useful if you have eczema, What is Psoriasis, or other skin conditions. Unlike synthetic towels, peshtemals absorb plenty of water but dry quickly. It picks up water or moisture quickly, leaving you dry and comfortable.

Turkish towels are versatile:

Turkish women have been weaving these towels for generations on hand looms using a superior weaving technique. Unlike automatic looms that use 2 yarns simultaneously, hand looms only use a single yarn for every weave, making these towels soft and lightweight. This makes them a preferred choice for people who pack light. Turkish beach towels are very popular across Australia – they’re wrapped as a sarong or draped around the neck like a scarf. The hand-tied fringes at the end of the towel look cute, making them an ideal wraparound on a beach. You could also tie them as a sling bag. And if you’re looking for some quirky decor items, place a Turkish towel on the settee for some added effect.

Turkish towels are easy to maintain:

Turkish towels are lighter than regular cotton towels. This makes them easy to store. They become soft over time and last long.  Good quality Turkish towels do not bleed and need not be washed separately. And you do not need a fabric softener as well. In fact, fabric softeners are not recommended for Turkish towels, because the silicone and other chemicals present in fabric softeners make the towels water repellent.

Turkish towels are durable:

Turkish towels are tough and perfect for everyday use. At Loopys, our towels are made using Turkish cotton; their extra long fibre makes them lightweight but strong. This also makes them perfect to be used at the gym after or during a workout, after bath, and is even perfect for hotels.

If you are looking for good quality Turkish towels in Australia, visit us. 


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