11 DIY bench ideas for the garden



If you have a beautiful garden, you want to enjoy it too. Most people probably have a seat from which they can see the most beautiful side of their garden. Both in large and small gardens there are many beautiful corners where you want to spend some time. Now there is the possibility to buy enough benches or to build a simple and special garden bench yourself. There are many examples of what such a sofa could look like. Below I have listed a number of interesting objects that I have built, refurbished or seen:

Wooden bench in the Frenzel garden
wooden bench in the garden
Wooden bench in the Seeben garden
Old garden bench
Old garden bench
Bench with a tree
Bench with a tree
building instructions
Homemade garden bench
Garden bench built from a bed – with Rex and Felix
Garden bench for dahlia bed
Simple garden bench for dahlia bed
building instructions
garden bench
Old garden bench – in our garden park
Garden bench - seat
The garden bench, a seat in the garden
garden furniture
Garden furniture on a garden terrace
wooden bench
Bench made of an oak beam in our old park
stone bench
Stone bench in our garden



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