The raised bed for the garden



Anyone who has ever dabbled in gardening and growing vegetables and crops will love the idea of ​​the raised bed. Not only is the harvest more profitable, planting and caring for the plants is easier because they are at a comfortable height. If the raised bed is set up correctly, it can even compete with greenhouses. It also contributes to the beautification of the garden. It is best to plan the beds in the garden design. However, since a bed requires little space, it can also be placed in the garden later.

Row raised beds with vegetable plants


The yield is about two to three times higher than in a conventional bed. The plants also look fresher, crisper and healthier. The working atmosphere improves because strenuous bending movements are no longer an issue. With a height of about 80 cm, the care of the plants is only half as strenuous. With this height and the right shielding, the plant is less or not attacked by pests. In this way you also get real organic vegetables, because the use of pesticides is no longer necessary. Special raised beds for the balcony or terrace are even offered. These also allow cultivation in minimal space.

The structure:

There are prefabricated modular systems to make mounting a raised bed as easy as possible. If you want to make an individual raised bed, you must first make a plan. Wood is the main building material for this. But materials that are more exotic for this area, such as plastic, coconut mats and stainless steel, can also be used.

Individual homemade raised beds
Individual homemade raised beds

These building materials can be found, for example, in hardware stores. Once the raised bed is in place, it must be filled in a certain order. To prevent the ingress of larger vermin such as rodents, the floor is formed by a fine mesh. This is followed by a layer of coarse parts of branches and shrubs. This provides better ventilation and speeds up rotting. This is followed by garden waste, mowed grass and straw. Now comes the first layer of earth. This can be normal, not particularly high-quality garden soil. Finally, compost and high-quality potting soil are used.

The right location:

The perfect location is a sunny spot on the north-south. A flat surface is an advantage. The raised bed must also be accessible from all sides. This makes the job a lot easier. A water connection in the immediate vicinity is almost a must. Because a raised bed needs a lot of water, especially in the summer. Depending on the plants to be grown, the requirements for the location may differ slightly.

Raised bed made of stone bathtubs
Raised bed made of masonry tubs – accessible from all sides



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