10 beautiful Easter decorations for the festival



Easter is in a few days. Decorate your home with colorful Easter decorations. Brightly decorated Easter eggs, fresh flowers cleverly arranged – not tied like a classic bouquet, but beautifully airy like a small piece of art at different heights and widths, supported by different branches, is just one idea of ​​the many possibilities. Whether it’s the festive table for the Easter menu, detailed decorations for Easter eggs or fresh flowers for the Easter bush, there are no limits to the ideas. If you don’t have an idea for an Easter decoration yet, you can get some inspiration here:

Photo: weheartit.com

easter decoration2
Have fun painting the eggs with your kids or grandkids. I like this table arrangement. The pansies can be planted in the garden after they have decorated your table for Easter.
Photo: www.pinterest.com
easter decoration3
Hyacinths, tulips and eggs in a glass column, great idea for the holidays!
Photo: blomsterverkstad.blogspot.de
easter decoration4
Photo: bjdhausdesign.blogspot.de/
easter decoration5
I love this beautiful Easter table and I thought it would be fun to share this photo with you. With fresh lemon cupcakes and cute touches like speckled egg candies tucked into tiny paper bags of beautiful calli, this table setting is a hit.
Photo: lejardindelildelle.tumblr.com
easter decoration6
Primroses in bucket and zinc vase
Photo: tradgardsflow.blogspot.de
easter decoration7
What a great idea for a garden party! Buffet tables or dining table. One could still use hay bales as seats (covered with a duvet).
Photo: pinterest.com
easter decoration8
Photo: /www.wunderweib.de
easter decoration9
Very nice…
Photo: einfallreich.blogspot.co.at
Image Easter decoration
Photo: lejardindelildelle.tumblr.com



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