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Who doesn’t like that: bright rooms with lots of light, in which generously dimensioned windows allow an unobstructed view of the outside. The trend towards large windows in new buildings and renovations confirms this. But where you look outside yourself, you can also see into the house from outside. This, in turn, suits very few people. Conventional privacy protection solutions are only partially helpful here: foils with a frosted glass effect or the corrugated glass that is common in bathrooms protect against the curiosity of strangers, but also block the view of the countryside. The Swabian manufacturer MHz now promises the solution in the form of textile privacy screens squidwhich gets the view outside.

The privacy screen consists of a flame-retardant polyester fabric that is applied directly to the window glass. The highlight of the fabric is its structure: it allows you to see outside during the day, like through a semi-transparent curtain. One recognizes contours and colors, sees what is going on outside and feels less observed. From the outside in, on the other hand, the view is largely blocked and the privacy of the residents is preserved.

Glue the textile privacy screen to the window pane

If you want to try this type of privacy screen, you don’t have to put in much effort. The fabric is self-adhesive and sticks to the window pane without any additional tools. You simply measure and cut a suitable piece, then it can be applied to the cleaned and dried glass. If you have measured too generously, you can simply cut off the excess with a sharp cutter knife. So you don’t have to drill or screw. How the fabric comes onto the window, i.e. whether vertically or horizontally, is completely irrelevant – the privacy effect works either way.

The fabric is antibacterial and has an adhesive that also sticks in damp rooms. You can also attach the privacy screen in the kitchen or bathroom. It is cleaned by brushing with a dry, soft clothes brush. By the way, one day you don’t like the look anymore, you can simply pull the fabric off the window again. The privacy screen is available in five different color shades so that it fits in with the rest of the ambience right from the start. [ha]

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