When Do You Know It Is Time to Cut Down Your Tree?


Trees purify the air and offer shades and beauty. However, certain circumstances might force you to cut down the tree. Cutting down a tree that has been around for some time may be difficult. However, if you are changing your landscape or the tree poses safety issues, removing it could be the best solution. The following things tell you it is time to remove the tree.

The Tree Is Dying

A dying tree has various symptoms like dry leaves, a dry bark, too many dead branches, etc. remember, a dead tree on your property is a ticking time bomb that could cause massive damage. It could also harbor bugs that could become a menace in your home. Therefore, cut down a dying or dead tree to eliminate the danger. A tree with too many dead branches could also mean it is dying. These branches can fall over any time, becoming a hazard in your home. It may be time to remove a tree if there are too many dead branches.

It Is Hanging Too Close to the House

It is also advisable to hire professional tree services Mandurah, to remove the tree if it is too close to the house. A tree that lies too close to your home or other buildings poses a certain level of danger. You could be dealing with a collapsed roof if a branch or an entire tree falls on the building. The tree could also give way for pests like rats and raccoons to enter the house. So, trim the branches regularly, and if necessary, you can remove the entire tree.

There is Significant Damage After a Storm

If the tree has suffered significant damage after a storm, consider removing it. A storm can traumatize and damage a tree to the point that it is not repairable. You can repair the tree by pruning the damaged parts. However, you might be unhappy with the final look after the repair. So, you can choose to have the tree cut down by professionals. The pros will evaluate it to see if something can be done to save it. However, if the damage is irreversible, there may be no choice but to remove the tree.

The Branches Are Lying on Power Lines

It is also advisable to cut down a tree if it is dangerously hanging on power lines. You can start by cutting the branches, but if the tree is leaning too close to the lines or the branches keep growing, eliminating the issue may be a good idea. Branches hanging on power lines pose a huge danger, including power loss.

The Trunk is Hollow

A hollow tree trunk is a bad news. It compromises the trees’ integrity and could become an issue soon, if not later. A tree with a weak trunk cannot support everything else above it. That means your family and house are in danger. So, ensure professionals remove it. Check the tree’s position, and if you are worried it might fall soon, don’t hesitate to call a tree removal company.


Whether you need someone to cut down a tree or inspect it, hiring professional tree services is always advisable. Removing a tree requires skills and specific tools and equipment. So, stay safe and hire a local tree removal company.


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