What Is The Importance Of The Securetec Drugwipe?


Detecting the presence some drugs is not possible without effective tests. To confirm the type of drugs intakes and the time or duration the professional needs testing kits. One of the kits to check the presence of the drugs is through the Securetec Drugwipe.

Professional uses the drug wipe to check the presence of the drug in the human body. The saliva is collected in the drug wipe kit and then put into screening. Different drugs such as cannabis, opiates, cocaine, and amphetamines are the critical drugs detected by the drug wipe.

For an instant or quick screening, the professionals use the drug wipe 6 S to find out the intensity of the drugs in the body. As the saliva is collected, immediately is transferred to the test strips. It contains the drug antibodies, so if the saliva possesses any drugs, it will mix and react with the antibodies.

The drug wipes are safe and protected as it is available for single use. Different lines indicate different results, and it remains for about 10 minutes. Apart from the saliva, sweat may also be considered to test the presence of drugs in the human body.

Benefits of using the Securetec Drugwipe 

The use of the Securetec Drugwipe is highly beneficial as it helps in detecting the drugs in no time. Professionals need the instant kits to immediately, check drug’s presence anytime they need. It is easy to carry, so they can take it with them anywhere they want. Apart from it, they carry the drug wipe for the following benefits. 

l  Easy to use

Professional or trained workers do not have to work hard to use the drug wipes. As it is easy to use, they only need to collect the saliva or sweat in the strip and test it with a provided antibody. It can be easily operated without any special skills or tools required.  

l  Fast result

No, drug addict will be spared once they are found using drugs after these tests. So, wherever and whenever the test is done, instant or immediate action is possible. It will  stop the abusers to escape justice and run away from law enforcement agencies and helping with further legal procedures. 

l  Efficient

The Securetec Drugwipe ensures providing efficient and accurate results. There are hardly any errors found in the kits.

l  For multiple detections

All kinds of drugs can be detected with this kit of drug wipes. Only sweat or saliva is required for the detection of the drugs.

How To Use Securetec Drgwipe? 

The results of the drug wipes can be confirmed after 10 minutes. But if the drug intake is high then the showcase of results is just within 3 minutes, which indicates a strong positive sample collected.

Therefore all the control lines will turn red if the sample is positive, but for negative, none of the control lines will be red. The kit reading can be taken after 8 minutes and is valid for 10 minutes.

Step 1: Keep sliding the cap until you read the word “press.”

Step 2: From the white test cassette, remove the blue sample collector.

Step 3: Instruct the person to be tested, to rotate their tongue inside their mouth to evenly collect the saliva on each side of the tongue for more accurate results. Once the sample collector turns from red to yellow. This indicates that the sample has been collected successfully.

Step 4: Place the sample collector back into the test cassette. You can assure that it is at the right place as it makes a double click sound which will be clearly audible.

Step 5: Hold the cassette vertically and place your thumb horizontally over the word PRESS and then press once and you’ll see the ampoule break. Keep holding it in the same position for at least 10 seconds.

Step 6: You shall be able to see the results in the next 8 minutes.

Interpretation of result:

CA Cannabis (THC/Marijuana/Hashish)

AM Amphetamines

MET Methamphetamines (MDMA/Ecstasy)

KET Ketamine

CO Cocaine (Crack)

OP Opiates (Heroin/Morphine)

CL Control Line


It is also used by transport companies. Hence, to check their employee’s drug consumption if any. Apart from it employees working on the field or road are also checked through the Securetec Drugwipe. It is similar to the other drug screening programs to develop awareness and reduce drug addiction. Drug wipe is one of the popular kits used by different sectors. It is because of its reliable features and rapid results for accurate detection.


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