What is a Guest Post? 



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The basic of guest posting:

Here are some rules you should know around script guest posts. There is a lot of information on the internet about this topic, and we’ve included links to many good resources at the bottom of this article. But here the quick and easy basics.

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How can write a guest post.

Almost anyone can write a guest post, but very few people can write a really good post that goes viral. You can’t typically make a post go virus-related. But it doesn’t have to go viral. It just wants to be helpful, on-topic, and well- printed to make traffic and link juice ended time.

A good guest post is on- topic, relevant and of varying length.  Most guest posts are between 500 and 1000 words, but people like Neil Patel say they should be longer. More like 2500 words. Statics show that more content

incomes your web page is more likely to rank advanced in Google results. But there is absolutely no need to write long letters. Writing a good post is more important than a long post.

How to write a guest post?

Guest posting usually starts with finding blogs, pitching your ideas to the site owner, submitting content and promoting it to attract an audience.

The section will cover each step and provide some best practices for guest posting.

Look for guest posting opportunities.

The first step is find posting sites in the niche.

If you already have some blogs in mind, put them on the list of possible guest posts. Then search for the website and find out if the site owner accepts guest posts. Such info is usually available on the about page, interaction page, or FAQ unit.

Why are patterns important in posts?

Imagine a write writes 100 blog posts a month, all of which link to a specific website. Google  can easly figure out that all those posts are there for SEO reasons. When Google sees this practice, it discounts the link . in other words, every link becomes useless. It doesn’t pass the “juice” and therefore isn’t helping the target site’s SEO. Google can search most of the web, so patterns like this are incredibly cheap and easy to pick up.

Why blog networks are bad:

Thousands of sites exist just to sell links.

Here’s how it works: a person buys an article on the site, puts up the content, embeds a link on their site, and gets it posted. The idea is that google will find the article, follow the link to the target site, and  count the target page higher in search results. This practice was standard until 2012 when google made an update to crack down on private blog posts on networks, even though the links are worthless (and often expensive).

It will be interesting to see how many bloggers add the no follow attribute to outbound links. Why? Because addition no follow to outbound links eliminates much of the inducement for people to donate gratified to the blog as guest donors. Some people just want to get the word out, but in our experience, most people contribute to blogs are hoping for a link.


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