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Do you want to celebrate a wedding that will be remembered for years to come? This requires one thing above all: the right decoration! Because only beautiful decoration creates the right mood.

Whether feminine or creative – with the right accessories you underline your personality and show individuality.

Here are eight beautiful wedding table decoration ideas that you won’t soon forget!

Rustic charm

Not a fan of glitter and glamour? Giving a wide berth to pink? Then you will like this wedding table decoration in a rustic style. It impresses with its simple elegance and looks cozy and familiar.

The combination of wood, lace and non-slip cotton fabric creates the perfect contrast and creates a festive atmosphere. A few flowers add the finishing touch.

The must-haves for this look:

– white crochet coasters
– Linen tablecloth Linen tablecloth
– small glass tea light holders

There are many helpful decoration tips for the rustic look here:

pop of colour

It doesn’t take a lot of color to create an eye-catching wedding table setting! How about the combination of white and turquoise? Unusual and refreshing!

Turquoise is a great eye-catcher. So that the look doesn’t get too wild, keep the rest of the accessories simple. White plates, few flowers, lots of glass. The table looks beautifully decorated and not overloaded.

The must-haves for this look:

– Turquoise candles
– Turquoise cloth napkins
– individual flowers in different mini vases
– Wine glasses with a beautiful cut

Noble and cosy: country house style

You love it elegant, but not kitschy? Then this combination in a typical country house style is just right for you. The dark wooden table is loosened up by a long floral arrangement in pastel tones.

In order for the country house style to really come through, you shouldn’t cover up too much of the beautiful wooden table. So grab the table runner rather than the tablecloth and do without lavish plate coasters.

A beautiful, subtle highlight is the cutlery in an elegant gold tone. Goes great with the warm wood and the green of the floral arrangement!

The must-haves for this look:

– Golden cutlery
– Linen table runner
– elegant wine glasses in a simple style

Classy and elegant

This beautiful wedding table decoration shows what a difference the color of the tableware can make. The pink tones of the porcelain create a warm atmosphere in which you can feel good.

An elegant look that looks super classy and timeless thanks to the softly tinted wine glasses, the minimalist floral arrangement and the golden cutlery.

The must-haves for this look:

– Rose-colored porcelain tableware
– Golden cutlery
– Rose colored wine glasses

Creative and extraordinary

Now comes the idea for those who really want to stand out! Make your own runner from lots of photos of you and your loved one. Plus point: With this eye-catcher, you don’t have to worry too much about the rest of the decoration.

Keep the accessories and crockery simple and let the photos speak for themselves. You don’t need a lot of paint or colorful flowers that would only distract from it.

The must-haves for this look:

– Silver cutlery
– Plain white crockery
– Exceptionally vintage wine glasses

You can find more beautiful wedding table decoration ideas in this video:

Trendy and modern

That’s really original! Instead of resorting to an elaborate flower arrangement, you decide on many small cacti. Appears down-to-earth, likeable and ultra-modern.

A bit of color is allowed with this decoration to underline the trendy character. Light blue looks classy and forms a great contrast to the warm wooden accessories.

The must-haves for this look:

– Cactus set, real or as high-quality artificial flowers
– Light blue table runners
– Small wooden accessories, such as coasters and tea light holders

Playful and feminine

You love feminine fashion and like to emphasize your femininity? Then it will be this wedding table decoration. This is pure romance!

Pink and white – you don’t need more colors for this look. The beautiful ribbed wine glasses underline the playful style of this combination. Don’t miss the lush floral arrangement here!

The must-haves for this look:

– Tableware with floral motif
– Cloth napkins with flowers
– Fluted wine glasses

Anyone who loves the vintage look with all its facets should opt for this combination. It convinces with its charming retro character.

The beautiful plates, which are decorated with an elaborate floral pattern, are eye-catchers. This is reflected in the bouquet of flowers. Perfectionists match the colors! The pretty copper wine glasses are guaranteed to attract the attention of your guests.

The must-haves for this look:

– Wine glasses on copper metal
– Vintage cutlery
– Colorful flower plates

Minimalist elegance

Lace, pink, flowers – don’t feel like the typical wedding look? If you are a passionate minimalist, you need a simple decoration that convinces with timeless elegance. Like this one:

Lots of glass, lots of green leaves and white flowers, simple crockery. This combination looks light, airy and definitely not kitschy.

The must-haves for this look:

– Glass bottles as vases
– dark cutlery
– White linen tablecloth

No matter which style you choose: These 9 wedding table decoration ideas are guaranteed to be remembered by your guests!

Here you can find out what else you can do to create a celebration that will be remembered: Alternatives to the classic wedding: You will love these ideas.

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