Utility of Getting Certified by Height Safety Inspection and Certification Services


If you are using height safety equipments for any kind of work at high altitudes in your service or business, then you must ensure that you get height safety inspection and certification services on time. There are certificating bodies, approved by the government who would test your instruments and height safety equipment so that you can use them safely always. You need to pass through all inspections and audits from auditing authorities of the state. Inspections of safety equipment are a must, and periodic checks must be done so that you can do your business legally, and let your workers work in a safe and secure environment. Moreover, when you get timely height safety inspection and certification services your workers will get easily insured by the insurance companies at a reasonable premium.

Periodic intervals recommended

Here are some of the periodic intervals to be maintained for height safety equipment testing:

  • Static line systems need to be surveyed every 12 months
  • Rail systems and anchor points need to be surveyed every 12 months
  • Walkway systems, handrails and ladders are to be surveyed as per the recommendations of the manufacturer
  • Ropes, lanyards, harnesses and all such systems are to be inspected every 6 months

When equipments are tested then the testing services would give you proper certificates. These certificates will state the real condition, health and form of your equipments. Testing is highly important, not just to ensure that you pass through audits, but also because your workers working at high altitudes and using these measures need utmost safety.

Height safety inspection
Height safety inspection

Why you must get the height safety inspected

There are a lot of important factors for which checking the safety level of your equipments is a must. The workers take their life at risk by wearing the safety belts and gear for working at height. They must have this satisfaction level and peace of mind that they are fully protected with the best quality height safety gears. And this satisfaction can help them work efficiently without having to divert their mind every time they take risky moves. In fact if your safety gears fail accidentally at any time, then instead of taking the blame on your shoulders you can always point to the height safety inspection and certification services that tested your equipment and rated you safe.

How the height safety inspection and certification services work

When you call a height safety inspection and certification services to evaluate your used height safety gear, then they will do the following for you:

  • Each part of the equipments, static lines, anchor points etc. will be inspected, and on inspection they will be given a unique serial number. With reference to this serial numbers the observation will be recorded with the date of inspection, comments if any, and after that the inspected gear would be tagged.
  • The layout for the equipments would be planned.
  • The compliance certificates for all the instruments would be made ready.
  • Notes would be taken
  • Recommendations on their current state and actions to be taken will be given.
  • Photos would be taken of all gear.

Finally they issue certificates mentioning that how much these height safety equipments are ready for taking load, their durability, condition and strength. If any problem occurs in the future then the certificates are to be referred and the height safety inspection and certification services are to be accounted. Again you can take help and recommendations before buying height safety gear from the same services as they have the apt knowledge of what is best for height safety at which region etc.


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