Unemployed – what now? This is how you achieve new sovereignty


Becoming unemployed is a financial but also an emotional challenge. In this article we will show you how you can deal with the situation and your environment when you become unemployed and how you can develop a new sovereignty for your professional future out of shame and worries about the future.

Unemployed and suddenly everything is different

In principle, they know all employees as a theoretical possibility, but when unemployment actually occurs, it is still a shock at first. It’s as if everything is being mixed up and has to be reassembled. And yes, in addition to all the formal things, such as registering as unemployed including applying for unemployment benefits or informing health insurance companies and the like, unemployment can also be emotionally exhausting.

Thoughts like the following are just a few that may prevail now:

  • What will become of me now? What will my new everyday life look like?
  • How do I tell those around me and how will people react?
  • Will I be able to end unemployment soon?

A feeling of shame often mixes with this uncertain new phase of life. “Couldn’t unemployment have been prevented after all? Do others now think badly of me?” Do you know such thoughts? Then you can be sure: You are not alone in this situation and you have many opportunities to learn how to deal with it better soon. Let’s take a closer look at the three most common questions and find answers to them.

How do I cope with everyday life when I am unemployed?

As an employee, the day usually has a clearly defined structure, which is characterized by the start and end of work. If this framework falls away, some people literally fall into a hole because they lack the support that the structure gave them. If you find yourself feeling disconsolate and struggling to get out of bed in the morning because you don’t have a purpose, take action. Even if you are unemployed, you can give your day structure, for example like this:

  • Establish a fixed time to devote yourself to your professional future. This can mean that you are looking for vacancies or that you continue your education while you are unemployed. Stick to these times to create a basic structure for the day.
  • Exchange ideas with others. Who is in a similar situation right now? Meet with others and discuss your worries and needs together, but also possible ways out of the situation.
  • Get involved in volunteer work. Work conveys joy and meaning, and volunteer work can do the same. Find a community service that will add substance to your day and provide a good distraction.
  • Keep motivated despite your unemployment and look positively into the future. Everything will fall into place.

How do I tell friends and family I’m unemployed?

But what is the best way to deal with friends and acquaintances when you have become unemployed? The immediate environment will probably find out immediately, but over time, neighbors and more distant acquaintances will also realize that something must have changed about you. All this is no reason to hide or be ashamed. The best thing to do is just be open and honest and communicate that you are currently unemployed but are already on the way to changing this. The following phrases may help you:

  • “The company I worked for was doing worse and worse economically. That’s why I’m now looking for a secure job for the future.”
  • “I just wasn’t happy in my job anymore, so I quit. Now I’m in a professional reorientation and I’m very excited to see what will happen in the near future.”
  • “Honestly, the unemployment came very suddenly and surprised me a bit. All the better that I quickly found a plan to get going again soon.”

There is nothing wrong with being unemployed. Communicate openly how your situation is and emphasize, for example, that this is a transitional phase that will soon be over.

How can I get back to work from unemployment?

Most importantly, unemployment does not have to be permanent. You can actively end them. And who knows, maybe the new job you will find will be even better than the previous one? So that you don’t lose yourself in worries about the future, it is important to actively change something about your condition. For example, you can do the following:

  • Keep an eye out for vacanciesthat would suit you well. On the one hand, you will of course receive placement suggestions from your advisor at the employment agency, but you can also keep your eyes open yourself. The Internet offers u. these nine online job search ways you should know.
  • Educate yourself while you wait: The world of work has changed so quickly since digitization that there are always skills that are worth learning. So take a look around to see what is currently in demand in your area: digitization courses, further training in project management or know-how in office management. For a number of courses there is also the possibility of subsidized further training: Be sure to find out more about it!
  • Apply to companies who could be a good match for you, both in response to their active job applications and on their own initiative. With a good application after dismissal that stands out from the crowd, you might get your wages and bread back sooner than you thought possible.

Keep hope and focus on success

Sometimes career breaks, that’s no shame. Maybe it’s even a chance to find an even better job afterwards that will make you much happier than the old one could. Do not see unemployment as a defeat, but as an opportunity to actively shape your future!


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