Things to Ask on The First Visit to An Optometrist


Are you looking forward to paying your first visit to an optometrist or preparing for the first checkup appointment? Well, before you land up in the clinic of an independent optometrist, you need to get ready with a set of related questions. It will help you to understand about your problems in a better way.

The prime objective behind enquiring about the various factors will help you settle with your nerves, teach you in detail about the type of care you should expect. Moreover, it will also provide you with a better understanding about the health condition of your eyes and about what care you should undertake to make them better.

Here are the top five questions which you must ask your independent optometrist to get a clearer picture about your problems and treatment:

Ask About the Tests Which You Will Go Through

Usually, most people enquire about the test over the phone while making an appointment for an independent optometrist. In most places these days, modern technologies are used for undertaking the initial tests. The eye exams have gained a new horizon if compared to the traditional vision tests. At the appointment level, advanced technology like automated refraction, imaging scans, etc., are used for running the first set of tests. Based on the underlying conditions and the age of the patient, they send you to the right doctor for a detailed checkup.

Knowing About the Symptoms

The next important thing which you need to ask when visiting your eye doctor is- the symptoms. If you are experiencing issues in your vision or find that something is wrong in the way your eyes look or feel, it is advised to ask the doctor about the problem in detail. There are several symptoms like blurred vision, sudden flashes of light, redness, itchiness, sensitivity or pain which you should take seriously. It is recommended to discuss about your problems in detail and get it diagnosed by the independent optometrist so that appropriate treatment can be undertaken.


Asking About Your Contact Lenses

There are various types of contact lenses available in the market including the ones which are used by patients who suffer issues from keratoconus and the single use contact lenses. If you use any such lenses, when meeting your eye doctor, it is advised to ask your doctor about it. If require running a brief eye exam to test if the lenses if they are accurate to your condition or not. The lenses for different conditions differ in their structure greatly, so it is insisted to ask your independent optometrist if the lens you are using is the right choice for your eyes.

Collecting Recommendations for A Better Eye Health

This is the question which you should surely ask your independent optometrist toward the end of the appointment. The answers which you will receive may differ greatly based on the eye condition and situation of the patient. The doctor would recommend you annual checkups and safety measures if your eyes become healthy and perfect. However, if he comes across any disorder, medication will be prescribed. In some cases, surgery, change in lifestyle and frequent visits are recommended by your eye specialist on basis of the eye condition.

Seeking Advises Regarding the Treatment

If your eyes are affected, it is very likely that your independent optometrist would recommend diagnosis and medication. You need to ask him and get a detailed idea about the complications. Education about the medicines is important as it will help you to know about the treatment process better. It will also help you to determine and make correct decisions in respect of your health.

There are a lot of people who pay very little attention to their eyes. Well, eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body which requires proper care. So, getting educated by asking questions to your independent optometrist is the right way to know about the eye condition better and deal with it accordingly.


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