The Best Car to Travel Around Australia In


The Delica is by far the best car for traveling around Australia – just most people haven’t heard of it…

There are a million and one reasons why, but let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why the Delica should be your go-to vehicle for your next Aussie adventure.

4×4 Ability

Now I know a lot of people aren’t interested in 4WD ability, but it’s something that really you should have in a car.

Let’s talk about the Delica’s impressive off-road capabilities. With its four-wheel drive and high clearance, this vehicle is basically a tank – it will handle literally all the terrain you come across. 

Whether you’re navigating through rough dirt roads or sandy beaches, the Delica will get you where you need to go. 

Comfort and Space

But it’s not just the Delica’s off-road capabilities that make it great for traveling. 

This vehicle is also incredibly spacious and comfortable, it kinda feels like no other car on the market. With plenty of space to stretch out and relax, you can easily camp out in your Delica for days on end. 

And with its efficient design, you can even cook and store food inside the car, making it the perfect option for long road trips.

Design and Head Turning Ability

The Delica is a unique looking car… To say the least.

With its distinctive boxy shape and retro styling, this vehicle is sure to turn heads wherever you go. 

And if you’re looking to pimp your ride, there are plenty of aftermarket parts and accessories available to make your Delica stand out.

Reliability and Bush Mechanics

I’ve said it a few times, but the Delica is like a tank. 

These vehicles are built to last, and many Delica owners report driving their cars for hundreds of thousands of kilometers without major issues. 

And if you do encounter any mechanical niggles on the road, parts are literally everywhere and they should be super easy to install.

It’s like a Cult…

Delica owners are a different breed.

This vehicle has a devoted following of fans who share a passion for adventure and exploration. Whether you’re at a campsite, a rest stop, or just passing by on the highway, you’re sure to encounter other Delica enthusiasts who are eager to share stories and tips about their own travels.

You’ll literally start waving at other Delica owners, because that’s just what they do.

Go buy a Delica!

So there you have it, folks – the Delica is the ultimate vehicle for traveling around Australia. 

With its off-road capabilities, versatility, reliability, and sense of community, it’s no wonder that so many people choose the Delica for their Aussie adventures. 

Whether you’re heading to the Outback or exploring the coast, the Delica is sure to take you on a journey you’ll never forget.

Top Tips for Travelling Australia

As a little bonus, we thought we would throw in a few bonus tips for driving all across Australia. It’s something we’ve done a few times and here are our tips.

  1. Make sure you have serious visibility in your car. This includes having great mirrors and being able to see around your car.

    With all the reversing and parking you’ll be doing, visibility is a must!
  2. Keep your phone handy with online maps! Your phone is a little GPS weapon, there is no need to invest in fancy other equipment. We recommend using a phone holder and some GPS / maps software.

Invest in keeping your car clean and livable. Think about this, if you’re going to be spending 4-12 months living in and around your car- you want it very clean.

We highly recommend cleaning your car weekly, and also preparing yourself with some preventative cleaning equipment like car dehumidifiers to keep moisture out.

A clean car is also really good for your health, keep your car clean!


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