Stairlift costs: How to determine the price


So that buildings with a lot of living space can also be built on smaller plots of land, houses are built with one or more floors. Basically, this approach is very useful.

Stairs and old age don’t always go together

Problems usually only arise in old age or after a serious illness. Then it can happen that it is difficult or even impossible to climb a flight of stairs. A stairlift is then a great help. However, such a useful part also has its price. However, there are big differences in terms of costs.

The following describes how the individual cost items are made up and what options there are for savings. The most important thing, however, is that basically every person who has health impairments is entitled to such a useful tool.

This is how the price of a stairlift is determined (video)

The biggest problem is that such a tool does not exist off the shelf. On the one hand there are stairs for outside and for inside. The second point is that the stairs are all designed differently.

They differ primarily in the following features:

  • length
  • angle
  • corners or arches
  • Broad

On a staircase that leads straight from the ground floor to the first floor, it is usually not a big problem to attach a lift. For this purpose, a rail is mounted on the wall, to which the lift will later be attached. Although such a staircase is a common model, there are major differences that require individual adjustment. The focus here is on the pitch angle and the length.

Normally, the ceiling height of the rooms is about 2.5 meters. In older buildings it is often 3.5 meters or more. A significantly longer stair lift would therefore be required in such a house, which would also result in a higher price. In addition, the angle must be adjusted accordingly. Such adjustments are possible without any problems, but they cause additional effort, which is reflected in higher costs.

Winding staircases and spiral staircases

It is very common to find stairs that do not lead straight from one floor to the next. Some are provided with an angle or with an arch. But even then it is possible to install a stair lift. However, it is then already a very complex construction, which then also demands its price. The more complex a staircase is designed, the more extensive the work is to attach a lift.

It can be difficult if only a small space is available. Sometimes stairs are very narrow. If an angle or a curve is also required, it can lead to greater problems. But even such challenges can be solved. However, some structural changes may need to be made.

However, the statics must be taken into account. It is not always easy to widen a staircase in this way. There is always a solution, but it can drive up the price of a stairlift. However, there are ways to save costs in this area. But more on that later.

Choosing the Right Execution (Video)

A simple stairlift is usually equipped with a folding seat. If the lift is not used, the seat can be folded up so that it does not take up any space. This is helpful if there are also residents living in the building who do not need the lift. There are big differences in the seat area.

In addition to the simple seats, there are versions with armrests. These come in very handy when the person relying on the lift needs some support. If you value a high level of comfort, you can also choose a leather seat. However, every special request also affects the price.

For safety reasons, every lift on a staircase is equipped with a battery. This must have a sufficiently high capacity. This is particularly important because the lift should continue to be usable for a while even during a power failure.

A platform lift offers advantages

A stair lift is a classic way of transporting people with physical disabilities from one floor to another. In most cases, the typical seat lifts are used. But there are also very interesting platform lifts.

These are more similar in construction to an elevator in a skyscraper or other larger buildings. However, a home lift is not that big. However, the design can be chosen so large that a person can be transported in it with their wheelchair. Objects can therefore also be transported in such a lift.

The price of a home lift is not necessarily higher than that of a conventional stair lift. There are now very compact models that can be retrofitted to almost any building without much effort. There is no need to install a large machine room in the basement or in the attic. The drive is usually via spindles that hardly take up any space. Such a platform lift is therefore a real alternative to a conventional stair lift. It offers even more advantages.

A platform lift is quickly installed

As already mentioned, there is a high price to pay for a stairlift that has to be guided around several corners. Sometimes structural changes have to be made to the building. Therefore, in such a case, the installation of a platform lift often proves to be cheaper. Since this does not require as much space by a long shot, there is no need for extensive conversion work. As a result, the price is often even lower than for a complex lift.

However, there is another advantage that should also be important for many interested parties. If a home lift is installed in an apartment, it increases in value considerably. Of course, there are also very comfortable and luxurious models that lead to a visual upgrade.

For such models, however, there is a slightly higher price. There are also versions for outdoor installation. If there is not enough space in the apartment or if the installation is not desired for other reasons, a platform lift can be easily attached to the outside wall.

To make the right decision

If the physical impairments worsen, it is time to think about appropriate aids. Numerous affected people are satisfied with no longer using the upper floors and shifting their entire lives to the ground floor. There is sometimes a lack of space and a lack of retreat options. That’s why nobody should give up on it so easily.

A stair lift or a platform lift has its price, but such an investment is worthwhile. With such a tool, the entire apartment can continue to be used as usual. In addition, many of today’s solutions are available at affordable costs.

If you have already been awarded a nursing degree, you can even receive a financial subsidy from the nursing care insurance under certain conditions. Depending on the severity of the impairment, this can amount to up to 4,000 euros. In addition to the subsidy, which in some cases is paid for by long-term care insurance, some people have the option of getting further financial help through the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, more commonly known as KfW. Extensive information in this area is therefore of fundamental importance.

But even if you are not eligible for such a subsidy, you can still benefit from a stairlift or platform lift. The price for installing such an aid is usually not nearly as high as the conversion of the ground floor for the elderly. Should you decide to no longer use the upper floors, you have no choice but to redesign the ground floor accordingly.

It is therefore recommended that you think carefully about which variant is suitable for you in advance. With the modern lifts, which are individually tailored to your individual needs, you can stay in your apartment until old age.


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