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Last but not least, high-pressure cleaners are so popular because they work with a lot of power. With a pressure of more than 100 bar, sometimes significantly more, they create clean surfaces around the house. When water hits hard surfaces with such vehemence, it sometimes spreads over a larger area than intended – under unfavorable circumstances also in the direction of the user. It is also unsightly when the loosened dirt flies through the environment. In order to limit the scope to what is desirable, Karcher a new Splash guard for high-pressure cleaners developed.

It makes sense to use it, for example, on stairs, close to walls and in crooked corners – because then the water jet hits adjacent surfaces particularly easily and is unintentionally deflected. When working on vertical surfaces, a similar inconvenience threatens very quickly. All this can be prevented with the splash guard. To use it, it is simply attached to the jet pipe, and water and dirt splashing up will then collide against the transparent hood and not against windows, trouser legs or white plaster facades.

Clean the outside stairs with the high-pressure cleaner

The lower edge of the hood has a triangular shape so that you can also get into corners and work neatly along edges. A bristle trimming on the edge makes it easier to guide it close to the ground without scratching it with the hood Рa practical thing! The splash guard is offered at a price of approx. 25 euros (non-binding recommendation of the manufacturer). Various adapters are included, with the help of which the protection fits all current Kärcher spray lances.

For cleaning larger areas, the manufacturer recommends the T racer from your own house. With this accessory, two rotating high-pressure nozzles work under a protective hood. With an RRP of around 120 euros, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. [ha]

Photos: Karcher

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