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When a construction project is pending, but of course also in everyday gardening, loads have to be moved that you cannot simply take under your arm: earth, fertilizer or peat as well as stones, wood or cement. A wheelbarrow is usually used for this. It’s quite easy, but it still takes some strength to lift the load and maneuver it through the terrain. The next level of comfort was obviously wanted Greenworks head for when you die 40V cordless wheelbarrow developed – a transport aid that is driven by an electric motor.

Cut out of the cordless wheelbarrow, rear view

When navigating the wheelbarrow, you will have to get used to it a little compared to conventional models, because it has two wheels at the front and therefore requires a slightly different cornering technique. The freely movable rear wheel still gives the device practical manoeuvrability, and with a width of just 67 cm, you can also make good progress on garden paths and pass through doorways without bumping into something. The rear wheel is also equipped with a parking brake, so that the wheelbarrow cannot roll away even on a slight incline.

You really learn to appreciate the garden helper when it brings its load to its destination with a full load. With a payload of more than 100 kg, it can move quite large amounts of material – without requiring the operator to exert any effort when driving. Unlike a traditional wheelbarrow, the electric version does not need to be lifted, nor does it need to be pushed. In the first gear, the motor moves the cart forward at 3.5 km/h, in the second at 4.2 km/h. A maneuverable speed of 2.4 km/h is achieved when reversing. The speed levels are set using the handle.

When you arrive at your destination, bulk goods can be easily unloaded by tipping the 106 l transport trough. Thanks to the quick release, this can be done quickly.

System battery with 40 V

tipping of the transport container

A 40 V rechargeable battery with lithium-ion technology serves as energy storage and can also be used in the other garden tools in the manufacturer’s own 40 V range. The batteries are available with capacities of 2 and 4 Ah. The right charger recharges the 2 Ah battery in 60 minutes, and it takes 120 minutes for the 4 Ah battery.

In order to be able to freely combine devices and batteries, the cordless wheelbarrow is offered without energy storage and charger for just under 400 euros. A battery with 40 V and 4 Ah costs about 150 euros, the charger is available for about 35 euros. All components as well as other gardening tools suitable for the system are available in the Globus hardware stores. [ha]

Photos: Greenworks Tools

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