Safe and effective control of wasps without endangering bees



Summer has arrived in Europe with the first heat wave and the high season for many insects is now starting. Some of them, such as mosquitoes and wasps, we find particularly annoying. They can become very nuisance, their behavior is aggressive and their stings are extremely painful. Although mosquitoes can also transmit diseases, the dangerous thing about a wasp sting is that it can cause an allergic reaction. In the worst case, this can be fatal. The better you know your enemy, the more effectively you can fight them. Therefore, here we have the most important information about wasps, wasp trap and like you wasps composed.

Interesting facts about wasps and their behavior

Wasps don’t seem so annoying in spring and early summer. That’s because they’re usually right now protein sources Search. They get this when they eat other insects, the habitat of humans is then still uninteresting. The proteins are called food for the larvae used in the wasp nest. In return, the larvae release a sugary liquid. From mid-summer, most larvae are adult wasps themselves. They no longer need proteins and give no sugar water away.

Wasps, however, need sugar as an energy source and they can find it near us. Unfortunately, many people do not react optimally when they come into contact with animals. They often wave their arms or throw their hands wildly, making the animals even more aggressive. Wasps are known to be able to do this often sting, as they want. So anyone who poses a threat to them gets a painful, burning sting. In the worst case, the stung person is also allergic to wasp stings. This is especially problematic when children are stung, because then they are often not all allergies Are known.

Fight wasps and protect bees

How can you expel wasps and act ecologically and sustainably at the same time? The most important thing is that you absolutely do not use chemicals, because they also kill bees and other beneficial insects. Bees are already endangered and very important for our ecosystem. Instead, you have to rely on a special wasp trap. This is ecological still very effective. The control of wasps is therefore sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Non-Toxic Wasp Trap – Fight wasps and keep bees at bay!

Non-toxic wasp trap – effective and environmentally friendly

A good example are the wasp traps from SWISSINNO. They contain special attractantsthe keep bees awayhowever no toxic chemicals. The attractant is simply mixed with water in the trap. The wasps go in and drown. The trap only needs to be filled with water for 2 to 3 weeks to effectively control wasps. This saves money and protects the environment in contrast to chemical clubs.

The wasp trap can 5 to 10 meters away from the area to be protected: in the garden or yard, on the playground or on the terrace, in waste dumps, in the beer garden – there are many application options. The trap can be hung with the supplied twisting wire or simply put down. Thus, the structure is uncomplicated, the bait is environmentally friendly and the wasp trap is effective.

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