Overcome The Issues With Blocked Drains Get Help From The Professionals


A drain is a vessel or the way of passage of unwanted water or any liquid which is of no need through the sewers. There are many reasons why a person calls a plumber, and one of the main reasons is clearing block drainage. The foul smell from the blocked sinks and drains is the primary cause of a bad environment in a house or a place. To get your blocked drain and sewers cleared fast, you might need professional help, as mentioned below. Blocked drains can create problems for the health of the person and the pets, so they should be cleaned regularly.

Signs Of A Blocked Drain

Usually blocked drains are seen at worst case because minor signs are overlooked by us. There many time we delay in spotting the blockage which makes situation worse. If you want the blocked drain and sewers cleared fast, then you can call for professionals like plumbers. Hence to avoid this you must keep out for the following signs of blockage:

  • Foul Smell: If you see any unusual smell coming from your home, it is a sign of blocked drainage.
  • Overflowing: If you see the water you already used in a sink come back or don’t pass through the pipe, it is also a sign of blockage.
  • Awkward Sounds: If your sink makes any gurgling sounds while passing the water through the waste pipe, it is a sign indicating the blockage of the drain and should be recovered as soon as possible.
  • Slow Draining: This can happen in our daily life; while rinsing our mouth, if we see the water is not passing through the pipe quickly and swiftly, it means the tube is facing difficulty in pushing the water through its way.

Blocked Drains

Causes Of A Blocked Drain

Some of the objects or situations are such that it hampers the flow of water in the drainage system. Thus the cause can be a particular one or many things combined. Some of the causes for these drain clogging are mentioned below:

  1. The tree’s root may not be the cause of the blockage, but the growth of the root and its breaching in the pipe may cause a blockage.
  2. The toilet essentials such as sanitary products, baby wipes, and other things may get flushed and cause a blockage.
  3. Cooking oils don’t allow water to flow very smoothly through the basin. So if cooking oil is spilled over the bay, it should first be cleaned, and then the basin should be used. Else, it will create a blockage.
  4. The food we eat should be first chewed properly and then digested as the tiny food particles don’t belong to your drainage system.
  5. Having long hair is a blessing in a curse because if any hair of yours gets clotted inside the pipe, it will not allow the flow of water smoothly and cause a severe blockage.

How To Clear Blocked Drain? 

  • Boiling water is a good way of tackling the problem of blockage caused by any toilet essentials or grease. Boiling water is hot, and these substances generally have a low melting point, and the extreme heat helps break the blockage.
  • Many acids are found in small packets, which are natural cleaners. They can also be used to remove blockage as and acid, which, when reacted with other material, may produce heat and help break the bottleneck. After pouring the acid, we must wait for at least hours to get the results.
  • Sometimes we can use excavation which means we need to dig out the surrounding part where there is a blockage and let the unwanted stuff pass away.
  • The basis of regular sewage system cleaning may be the long life of your drain, getting rid of the foul smell that comes out, faster drainage and no clots, and keeping your drain away from expensive repair. You can use the able formula to clear your blocked drainage and sewers fast.

Taking preventive maintenance measures may help you from major issues. Leaving your drainage system unclean for a long time can result in the severe clog, and repairing the system regularly is costly. Thus, it would help if you were always up for regular check-ups to ensure blocked drain and sewers cleared fast.


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