Know The Different Types of Architectural Door Handles


In the market today, you will often come across different variants of door handles. These handles are not just necessary to open or close a door but add a finishing touch. The architectural door handles enhance any space’s appearance, irrespective of whether it is your home or work. There are various forms available in the market today, and consequently, you will come across various options.

Knowing the mechanisms of the varied forms will help you select one that best fits your requirements. Today, we are going through an entire list and the details of the different forms of door handle you can install in your home or office.

Architectural Door Handles
Architectural Door Handles

Lever On Backplate Handles-

These handles come with a backplate for an added level of support and stability. They are the most conventional handles available and are often used in bathrooms. The backplates offer a wider range of styles to choose from, including classic, square, and curved backplates for more traditional buildings.

D Pull Handles-

The D pull architectural door handles are the best solutions for your doors that do not require latches or need openings inwards. They are fitted externally onto these doors as they arrive in a massive range of style options for their ease of use and simplicity. Pick from the curved D handles with the straight edge ones and even the T handles that come with the extensions at every end, creating higher linear appeals.

Flush Pull Handles-

The flush handles are the ones that are used commonly on the sliding and get fitted into these doors creating the flush finishes that enable the sliding of the doors into cavities without creating any hurdles. They arrive in their entire range of sizes and styles, from the smaller finger pulls to the square, rectangle, and circular designs of the architectural door handles.

Sliding Door Handles-

Besides the pull handles from the double and single doors, pull handles are also available for sliding doors and pocket doors. These doors are perfect for rooms with restricted space and can be opened with either flush pull handles or ring pull architectural door handles.

Architectural Door Handles
Architectural Door Handles

Thumb Turns-

Thumbs turn is mainly used in the bathrooms in common households, and it operates easily with the thumb turn that moves the bolt in and out of its lock mode. The thumb turns are mainly used for greater privacy; however, they are not for security since they are specifically operated with coins for turning from the outside during emergencies.

Cabinet Cup-

These cup architectural door handles are the best for kitchen cabinets, drawers and more due to the ease of grip on hefty furniture. These arrive in their classic semi-circular curved shape and are available in varied finishes and colours to suit the needs of your home.

Square Door Handle-

These modern-style architectural door handles are smaller than their back-plates ones due to the square rose mounts. It functions under a simple mechanism where you must push down the gripping to open it. These locks get paired to the latches on these hafts but are mainly operated with the help of a latch.

Glass Door Handle-

These architectural door handles are used in regions where the glassware entrances get employed, and it helps make opening and closing easier as these get arranged vertically. These are used frequently in workplaces and businesses since they help make the interiors showcase a touch of class and elegance.

The locking systems help offer varied choices for security entryways. These are available in varied colours and patterns to improve the entrance’s aesthetics.

Mortise Door Handle-

The mortises are considered to have the highly popular grips used in the home and the securities of the workplace. This architectural door handles have a lock body fitting them into the thickness of the gateway, with the cylinder lock having two primary element pieces. These are the ideal fit front entryways that involve no errors, which get frequently discovered on the back side of the entrances.

These door handles are installed across several locations, such as main entrances, bedrooms, and storerooms. You might place this mortise lock on the bathrooms, bedrooms, and other privacies.


The architectural door handles involving the knobs and the levers get combined around the home, offering varied design components helping the entire décor. While picking the hardware for the door of your office or home, it is vital to focus more on whatever you are creating.


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