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Energy crisis, climate change, stock market turmoil, corona pandemic, war in Ukraine. One bad news follows the next. So fast that we are all almost dizzy.

Wondering how best to invest in these uncertain times? We have the answer: in your wealth of knowledge. Because if you invest in education, you create a solid foundation for the future. We will tell you why in this blog post. And we’ll show you the best way to do it.

Why should you invest in your education at all?

The answer to this question is very simple: With more knowledge, you can achieve a higher return on the job market – to stick with stock market jargon. This means that with each further training you learn more and more qualify for better-paying jobs. And in this way, you can demand an ever higher salary.

Then comes the next bill: If you earn more money, you pay more into the pension fund. And you can invest more money for retirement, for example in the form of real estate or other private investments such as shares or ETFs.

Here, the younger you are when you start investing in your education, the better it will be later. With every month more salary, you can invest more in your private pension scheme.

But even if you are over 50, such an investment is still worthwhile, since, as is well known, every euro counts. In this way you can achieve a good “return on further education” even at an advanced age. and increase your personal fortune with your wealth of knowledge.

What is the advantage over other investments?

The best way to show you this is with an example: Sebastian is a marketing assistant at a medium-sized technology company in the Swabian Jura. At the age of 35, he earns around €2,400 net per month. His colleague Ebru is an online marketing manager and is paid around €3,000 every month. So she earns €600 net more than Sebastian – every month!

Ebru and Sebastian both have 32 more years to work before they retire. Sebastian decides to do further training to become an online marketing manager. First of all, he has looked over Ebru’s shoulder and knows what an exciting job it is. And secondly, he would like to earn more so that he can make better provisions for his retirement. Because with this further training he increases his human capital and has € 7,200 more in his account per year!

Let yourself be supported!

Sebastian paid for his further education himself. But there are also financial grants that you can use to increase your human capital!

We will be happy to help you find the right training and support for you. And thus increase your return on further training. The best way to do this is as follows:

Ask yourself which training best suits you and your professional profile

You can find the answer to this question by taking a very close look at your CV: What qualifications do you already have? Which know-how best suits the next career step?

It is best to think carefully about whether the further training you have chosen suits your current employer. If you have already reached the top of the career ladder there, you should take your time and look around before you decide where you want to apply after your further training.

If you want more tips on your way to the right further education, take a look at our blog post “Finding the right further education”!

EXTRA TIP: You have a legal right to professional advice from the Employment Agency. Just call the employment office responsible for you and make an appointment!

Financial support: take advantage of the opportunities!

Once you have found the training that is right for you, you have a number of options:

Sponsorship from your employer

Discuss with your boss what qualifications will be needed in the company in the future. The HR department can also provide you with comprehensive advice on this important issue! In this interview, you can also explain that you would like to contribute to bringing this necessary know-how into the company – with your further training.

Most companies have an open ear here. After all, further training for your own employees is considerably cheaper than looking for new staff. So if the further training you want fits in well with the company’s plans, you have a good chance of getting your Employer pays part or all of the costs. Such funding improves your return on further training considerably, that is clear. After all, you have to invest less money in your increased wealth of knowledge yourself.

The state funding

In Germany, there are many funding models for professional development. This also applies to employees, not only to the unemployed and those looking for work. Maybe you take a closer look? The keywords are, for example, “Qualification Opportunities Act”, “Funding via the German Pension Insurance” or “Education Check”. This is how you can get financial help to increase your human capital.

You can find more information on our special website “Which funding for your further education is right for you?”.

Invest in education: a real opportunity!

As you can see, investing in your own education is a good decision, even in times of crisis. Even more so if you get comprehensive financial support for this investment and can thus invest without paying any money for it.

Because with a better paying job you can provide much better for your own future. And let’s be honest: An exciting job that challenges us is also a lot more fun.


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