How Would You Maintain Your Lawn Mowers?


A lawn mower often works in full swing during the spring and mows large areas. Like any other machinery, mowers can lose their efficiency over time. Hence, one should know how to take good care of their mowers and be aware of the common issues that can arise when using a lawnmower. Any neglect or ignorance can lead to expensive and complicated lawn mower repairs.

While some of the issues with a lawnmower are preventable, you will need professional help to solve such inevitable issues. Always follow the manufacturer’s manual before making any repairs. Consult the manufacturer in case you are not able to follow the solution. Regular maintenance and care can keep away those common lawn mower problems.

Regular Maintenance And Troubleshooting A Lawn Mower

Your mower can face many problems and you can avoid such complications by doing regular maintenance and care.

Some of the most common issues are listed below:

  • The engine doesn’t start – It might be possible that you need to change the fuel and clean the filter. Also, you should check the spark plug for damage and corrosion. If you find any damages in the tank of your lawn mower then you can replace it with a new one.
  • The engine starts but dies off – It is possible that the battery needs an overhaul or charging. If it still doesn’t work, you may have to replace the battery.
  • The engine starts but rattles – Look for any signs of wear and tear on the fan belt and check for any loose parts or you may need to lubricate the motor of the lawnmower. All the above possible causes might be the reason behind the vibrating engine.
  • The engine runs roughly – Another common issue faced in the lawn mower is the rough working of the engine. You can feel that it is not working the way it should and possible causes might be a clogged carburetor or damage to the flywheel key.
  • The lawn mower doesn’t cut the grass – Check the blade belt as it might have been damaged or cracked. You might need to replace it. It is better to consult trained professionals in this regard because each mower has a different type of blade. Only trained professionals can replace the blades of your mowers with the original ones.

    Lawn Mowers
    Lawn Mowers

Why Would You Call Lawn Mowers Repairs?

If your mower keeps giving you trouble, looking for local lawn mower repair shops is essential. Start looking online to locate a reputed name and call in the experts to do the needful.  Look for easy local service and troubleshooting from the experts who know the problems as well as the solutions. It is a good idea to go for a regular lawn mower repair service, and some of the common issues fixed by them include the following.

 Working on the lawn mower engine that won’t start

  • Locate the issue in a mower that won’t stay running
  • Get rid of that unusual and excessive vibration in the mower
  • Take care of the battery that is discharging, or mulching
  • Identify the reason behind the leaking oil

Compare the lawn mower repair costs and services before you hire one. After all, you should look for the best repair service and technicians in the business. Make sure that the technicians are local and licensed. Look for a reputed service with ample experience and expertise in mower service, protection, and parts. They should have the latest technology to diagnose problems and use only genuine parts to fix those issues.

Every year, go for pre-season maintenance of the lawnmower to keep the machinery running smoothly. Regular and routine maintenance along with proper off-season storage, can keep the mower in good working condition for years.


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