How home becomes an oasis of well-being



Our own home should be a safe place where we feel safe. This feel-good factor can be enhanced by various furnishing elements, so that your own four walls become a true fortress of comfort and relaxation.

Combine design and comfort

Anyone who succeeds in expressing his individual style in his furnishing creates an environment in which he automatically feels more comfortable. Because what pleases, arouses positive feelings. That is why it makes sense to select furniture and home accessories according to your own taste. When setting up, however, the mistake should not be made to adjust everything purely to the optics. Comfort should in no case be neglected. Because a piece of furniture can look beautiful, if it does not serve its purpose and at the same time is uncomfortable, it will not make us feel more comfortable in our home. It is therefore important to ensure that design and comfort complement each other. One should never be sacrificed for the other. That means that it sometimes takes a little longer to find the perfect sofa or wardrobe. But patience pays off.

Living room with dining table

Individual home accessories provide a homely feeling

There is a whole range of attractive trend accessories that can be chosen to complement the interior beautifully. That in itself is not bad either. But it’s only the little personal things that make an apartment a real home. Homemade photos from vacation, the children’s artwork or grandmother’s heirloom, which stylistically do not want to match the modern sideboard at all, give the house an individual charm. Anyone who specifically selects these individual pieces can use them to set accents and make everything look a little more homey. That is not to say that the rest of the interior should not be styled. It looks just a little less like something from a furniture catalog. Even homemade Easter or Christmas decorations made of wood can make for a particularly charming interior.


Sustainable living contributes to the feel-good factor

Especially in times of climate change, more and more people want to focus on sustainability when furnishing their homes. This is possible, for example, with carefully selected furniture made of ecologically responsible and non-toxic materials. Solid wood furniture from sustainable forestry is in the foreground. These are easy to recognize by an FSC certification. Most ecological furniture is also free of harmful substances, which means that they have a positive effect on health. As the selection of sustainable furniture grows, neither design nor comfort need be sacrificed.
Another way to realize sustainable living is energy-efficient lighting. LEDs consume hardly any power and only need to be replaced after a long time. Inexpensive LED strips or LED bars with warm white light are ideal for indirect lighting. This allows a relaxed lighting atmosphere to be created, which contributes significantly to a high feel-good factor.

Plants have a positive effect on the living environment

Green houseplants make even large city apartments look a little more natural. The effect of colors on the human mind should not be underestimated. In fact, houseplants have a positive effect on well-being precisely because of their color. We associate them with rest and relaxation, so they are ideal for living spaces. But green plants are also in good hands in the study. Because they can also promote creativity. The plants also provide a better indoor climate. However, regular airing should not be neglected! It would take a whole jungle to provide the room with enough fresh oxygen via houseplants.

green plants
Green plants in the living room



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