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A beautiful and friendly smile is a sensual message without words. It doesn’t matter whether they are teenagers or already adults – unfortunately there are many people who cannot bring themselves to do so due to gaps in their teeth, crooked teeth or other misaligned teeth. Fortunately, there are now numerous ways to correct mistakes. Good old braces are a quick fix, but not for everyone. Invisible splints, also known as aligners, are a more modern alternative for those who want discreet tooth correction. How exactly does the treatment work and what are the costs? Are aligners better than fixed braces? We will tell you the answers in our article!

What are the advantages of invisible aligners from “Impress x Smilike”?

Aligner tooth correction advantages Invisible splints cost what for

Everyone dreams of a beautiful smile. Invisible splints provide a new attitude to life and are an excellent way to correct any misaligned teeth. The company “Impress and Smilike” was founded in Barcelona in 2019 and has since specialized in invisible orthodontic treatments. In order to be able to offer customers the most modern and advanced treatment, the “Smile2impress” team works with invisible and removable aligners made of dimensionally stable, durable polyurethane. The goal of “Impress x Smilike” is to provide people with innovative orthodontic treatment at affordable prices, so that nothing stands in the way of their beautiful smile.

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One of the biggest advantages of “Impress x Smilike” is that you can carry out most of the treatment from the comfort of your own home and let the doctors take care of you via an app. “Impress x Smilike” doctors have more than 15 years of experience and app support is available 24/7. The app allows customers to track their progress at any time and carry out virtual check-ups with the doctors. Thanks to the hybrid model and the comprehensive examinations under the direction of in-house orthodontists, the “”Impress x Smilike”” practice has established itself as the leading full-service provider with a unique value proposition on the market.

Invisible splints: This is how the treatment at “Impress x Smilike” works

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Have you already decided on invisible splints and would you like to find out more about the “Impress x Smilike” treatment? So that no questions are left unanswered at the end, we will explain the specific procedure to you below.


The first phase of treatment is about making a diagnosis and preparing for treatment. To make sure everything is fine, Imress x Smilike specialists will take x-rays of your jaw. With the latest 3D scanning technology, the team gets a better picture of the condition of your teeth and based on the results, the doctors decide which treatment is suitable for you.

treatment phase

This is the main phase of your orthodontic treatment at Impress x Smilike. As soon as your invisible aligners are ready, they will be conveniently sent to you by post. Next, to start the treatment, you need to make an appointment at the practice and after the visit you can get started. In some cases, doctors may need to perform pain-reducing treatments or fit special elastics. However, these are only exceptional cases and progress is usually tracked via the app. Check-ups are every 7-14 days and if you wear the invisible splints for the specified period, the position of your teeth should also improve as planned. Since every person is different, the duration of treatment also varies. However, in about 80% of cases, this is completed after 6 months or even less.


Once the treatment with the aligners has been successfully completed, it is time for the last step – the retainers. So that you never have to wear braces again, these ensure that your new smile stays the way it is forever.

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