DIY fall decoration – candle holders made of branch wood



Every year in late summer or early autumn we cut off dead and superfluous branches from our deciduous trees in the garden. Especially at this time you can still see exactly which branches still have leaves and which don’t. Thin branches and twigs up to 30 mm thick are usually sent through the shredder and processed into mulch. Thicker branches are sawn up and used to heat the fireplace. As a fan of autumn decorations, I love to make decorative things out of natural materials that are also useful at the same time. The round shape of the branches inspired me to make candle holders out of them. Many of these branches still have a bark or bark. I looked for a piece of branch that she had already lost because the grain of the wood comes out better. Not only do the candle holders look very pretty, but they are easy to make and basically free!

I started with a fallen ash branch, which I cut to the desired lengths on the miter saw, making 9.5cm, 9.0cm, and 7.5cm pieces.

Candlestick blanks
Cut candlestick blanks

Candlestick is centered on the drill stand
The piece of branch is centered on a bench drill with laser centering and drilled with a 40 mm wide Forstner bit. If you don’t have a bench drill, you can use a cordless drill or a drill.
The candlestick is drilled out for a tealight
The candle holder is drilled out for a standard tealight (approx. 38mm).
Hole for the tealight is drilled
It is important that the piece of branch to be drilled is firmly clamped.
3 candlesticks
After placing the tea lights in the candle holders, they are ready to use
DIY candle holder
I like her! Not only are they pretty, but they’re fully functional right out of the box…
Candlestick closeup
Candlestick closeup



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