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It’s not that long ago that rechargeable batteries were primarily used to supply power for screwdriving tools. Power-hungry power tools were still tied to a cable for a long time. The situation has changed over the past few years: More and more garden equipment and tools can be operated far away from the socket. A good example of what is now possible is presented A.E.G with his Crosscut and miter saw BPS 18-254BL-0 – a machine with solid performance values ​​and a sensible circuit for particularly long running times.

Cordless crosscut and miter saw from AEG

Crosscut and miter saws are often used for interior work, for structural timber construction or for building terraces and garden buildings, i.e. exactly where there is often a problem with the power supply. The new AEG tool can be a real relief here, because it is not dependent on the installation of site electricity or the laying of an extension cable for its energy supply. Nevertheless, a lot of work that occurs in timber construction and expansion can be done with it.

With its 254 mm diameter saw blade, the machine achieves a cutting width of up to 305 mm and a maximum cutting height of 90 mm, so it can cut fairly wide floorboards and high beams. Miter cuts are possible up to 50° left and right, the blade can also be tilted up to 47° on both sides. The brushless motor spins the blade up to 3900 rpm when idling.

The integrated cutting line laser brings comfort into play, as does the LED lighting of the work area and the clamping device, with the help of which workpieces can be securely fixed. A dust collection bag is included, but the tool can of course also be connected to an extraction system, for example when used in the workshop.

Work with one or two batteries

Two batteries on the machine body

The implementation of the battery concept is extremely interesting. The saw can be operated with either one or two 18-volt batteries from the manufacturer’s range (seen on the machine in the picture above). In contrast to some garden tools, where the operating voltage is doubled by connecting the batteries in series, the two battery packs on the chop and miter saw are connected in parallel. The voltage remains at 18 volts, but the energy supply lasts longer. So if you use two 18 V batteries, each with a capacity of 5.0 Ah, you have a reserve of 10 Ah for work.

You can use different batteries from the AEG range with the saw. Either you take compatible batteries from other AEG tools or you buy a starter set with one or two batteries. The chop and miter saw itself is sold without a battery and charging technology, the manufacturer recommends a non-binding price of around 665 euros for it. [ha]

Photos: AEG Power Tools

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