Cordless lawn mowers: who needs models with rechargeable batteries for lawn care?


The cordless lawnmower has decisive advantages over an electric mower, because the dreaded tangle of cables is eliminated. In addition, models with rechargeable batteries are significantly quieter. That’s why garden owners need a cordless lawn mower now!

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For lawn care in action: cordless lawn mowers as a better alternative

The lawn does not have to be designed as an English lawn, but should it at least be kept in shape? Or is a very short, even ornamental lawn just a dream? Regardless of the length to which the grass is to be trimmed, the right lawn mower is an indispensable tool for property and garden owners.

Various mower variants are available and yet it is the cordless lawn mower that never fails to impress. It has the advantage over the petrol mower that it leaves no stinky emissions and is also significantly quieter. The cordless lawn mower also performs better than the electric mower, because it does not need the annoying cable and can therefore go anywhere. Even in remote corners of the garden!

The advantages of the cordless lawn mower

In addition to the advantage of being less noisy and having no emissions, cordless mowers also have an advantage in terms of maintenance. They are completely maintenance-free, only the knives should be cleaned after use. The cordless mower also comes with a start button, which eliminates the hassle of starting it by train. One push of the start button and mowing can begin.

The flexibility of many cordless mowers is particularly noteworthy. Not only are they easier to maneuver due to the lack of a cable, they can also be used on distant parts of the property.

A few disadvantages should be mentioned for the sake of completeness:

  • dependent on battery charge
  • Batteries do not last forever
  • not suitable for thicker shrubs

The performance when mowing the lawn is in no way inferior to that of a petrol mower, even if this may have been the case in the past. Today’s cordless mowers are very powerful as long as the battery is charged. If this discharges, you have to wait about an hour until it is full again.

Alternatively, you can purchase a second battery, which can be used to continue mowing seamlessly. When buying, make sure that the battery is powerful enough to mow at least an area of ​​approx. 200 m² without recharging. Of course, the range depends on the length of the grass: If the stalks are very long, dry and thick, the battery has to provide more power and therefore becomes weaker more quickly.

In addition to the advantage of being less noisy and having no emissions, cordless mowers also have an advantage in terms of maintenance. ( Photo: Adobe Stock photoguns_)

Which lawn mower is the right one?

Anyone who is about to decide which type of lawn mower is the right one has to consider several aspects at the same time. On the one hand, it’s about the lawn size, because that’s what decides which cutting width of the mower makes sense. On the other hand, it depends on personal wishes: If you want to mow your lawn in a particularly environmentally friendly way and in clean air, you can’t avoid the cordless lawn mower.

The most important points about the cordless lawn mower

The garden owner is now faced with the decision: buy a cordless or petrol mower? In order to be able to make a well-founded decision, the battery mower must be considered in more detail. At this point we can reveal that the decision will most likely be in favor of the battery variant.

The cordless mower is the right choice for these garden owners:

  • Owners of large (garden) plots
  • Owners of properties with crooked lawns
  • Owners of lawns punctuated by numerous ornamental plants and trees

The cordless lawnmower has another decisive advantage: It works with electricity and is significantly more environmentally friendly than its colleague that uses fossil fuels. The garden owner is happy when he can mow in clean air, which is especially noticeable when mowing takes longer due to the size of the garden. The lithium batteries used for the battery are durable and powerful, so there is no problem of frequent disposal.

The battery should offer at least two ampere hours.  ( Photo: Adobe Stock Brebca )

The battery should offer at least two ampere hours. ( Photo: Adobe Stock Brebca )

Tips for buying

The decision is made and a cordless lawn mower should be bought? Then it’s time to look at the following buying tips, which are all about the battery. This enables emission-free and quiet lawn mowing, so that not even the sensitive neighbor will complain about the noise or stench.

For a long time, cordless mowers had the reputation of performing worse than their corded counterparts. They are said to be not powerful enough to cope with longer mowing tasks. This is no longer the case today, because the powerful lithium-ion batteries definitely have the energy required for comprehensive tasks.

It is important to pay attention to the following points when buying:

  • battery pack
    The battery should offer at least two ampere hours. That means it can run an amp for two hours. In addition, it should have the shortest possible loading time.
  • cutting width and height
    In a large garden, a large cutting width is required, otherwise mowing the lawn takes what feels like an eternity. In small or very crooked gardens, it is better to choose a smaller cutting width (max. 30 cm) so that it is easier to maneuver around obstacles. The possible cutting height depends on the wishes of the garden owner. Does he want an English ornamental lawn or just an evenly short area that can also be up to seven centimeters long? Modern cordless lawn mowers can be adjusted in relation to the cutting height and thus adjusted as required.
  • Handle size and adjustability
    The size of the lawn mower matters in that there is not always unlimited space to store the mower. If you have to adapt to the local conditions here, you should therefore choose a mower of the right size. It is practical if the handlebar can be adjusted up or down for pushing. This can be folded away and the mower takes up less space.
  • additional drive
    The drive of the mower is particularly important for owners of large lawns. If it is attracted by the motor power itself, it does not have to be pushed as hard. This makes mowing easier and is not directly like a sports lesson.
The cordless mower is suitable in almost all cases and is a good alternative to the petrol mower. (Photo: Adobe Stock Andrei_)

The cordless mower is suitable in almost all cases and is a good alternative to the petrol mower. (Photo: Adobe Stock Andrei_)

Important: The cordless lawn mower should have a grass catcher if you do not want the clippings to be blown out directly as natural fertiliser. Some models have a mulching function, which further breaks up the clippings and prevents a thick layer of grass from lying on the lawn. This would hinder the further growth of the lawn and cause rot.

Is the battery mower suitable?

The cordless mower is suitable in almost all cases and presents itself as a good alternative to the petrol mower. The cordless version is particularly convincing in terms of volume and emissions. This makes the cordless mower suitable for both hobby gardeners and professionals.

For most users, the lack of a cable is particularly positive at this point, because it means that lawns that are further away or the narrow strip of grass next to the sidewalk in front of the house can be mowed without any problems. There is no need to lay an extension cord, and there is no need to laboriously unravel the once again tangled cable.

In summary, it can be said that the cordless lawn mower is suitable for all gardeners who value performance, environmental friendliness and easy operation of their garden tools. The cordless mower definitely meets these requirements. So the question is not whether this type of lawnmower is suitable, but rather which model to choose. There are now various tests that have examined the performance of the mower and battery, the resilience of the blades and the ease of use of the device.

A tip: Don’t rely on cheap models, because these are not convincing in terms of the battery or the cutting quality!


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