Cafe Wind Barriers Buying Guide


If you own an outdoor eating space or a streetside café, you need a wind barrier. Such a barrier could serve multiple purposes, such as enclosing the space around your café, thus creating a private space, and being used as a marketing tool. Another incredible quality that a cafe barrier has is it is removable and easy to store. Not only does it block the sharp wind, but it also helps create an ambient aesthetic around the place. 

Creating an organized and aesthetic seating area for your outdoor eating place is critical for the smooth functioning of your business. A commonly overlooked perk that the installation of cafe wind barriers has is they serve as a tool to advertise and promote your brand; it further serves you as they attract customers to eat at your diner. Cafe wind barriers can be used for various eateries such as pubs, bars, diners, cafes, etc. 

Cafe Wind Barriers
Cafe Wind Barriers

Things To Consider While Buying A Cafe Wind Barrier:

  • Applicability: One might get confused about whether your shop can use a cafe barrier or not. Generally, clubs and cafe terries have known to use them, but any streetside eating or drinking enterprise can use them within the defined space limits. Furthermore, restaurants use cafe wind barriers to separate eating areas indoors. They serve as a segregation tool keeping the place organized and easy to navigate.
  • Quality: The quality of cafe wind barriers cannot be overlooked as they carry the image of your company on them, graphic and attractive content solidifies your brand image and attract new potential customers. Also, investing in durable and high-quality barriers serve as a long-term investment and saves you money in the future.
  • Wind permeability: As the name suggests, cafe wind barriers protect the customer from sharp winds and bad weather; however, it doesn’t completely block the air. Thus, creating a nice and comforting ambiance. You could also suffer losses because of bad weather, but a barrier helps you prevent any such catastrophe from happening. 
  • Cost: One needs to carefully plan out the company’s budget to run a successful business. While investing in cafe wind barriers, if your budget is small, you could opt for cheaper options such as PVC barriers which are light and easy to store. On the other hand, if your budget is considerably large, you should opt for canvas barriers which are heavy and extremely durable. 
  • Acquiring permission: One needs to check with their local legislative council about the local rules regarding using such equipment in public areas. If the proposed area affects the public right of way, it could be denied permission. Be sure never to use cafe wind barriers on footpaths, pavements, parking areas, etc. 

Cafe barriers are the most efficient way of controlling traffic for your store or restaurant and are highly underrated in the modern market. Usually, any convention form of advertising costs the user a considerable sum of money, but cafe wind barriers do the same for a very low price. Another important quality of a cafe barrier is that they are easy to manufacture, meaning it would be no problem to acquire new ones if they decide to change the theme or design of their place.

The Bottom Line

Cafe barriers can be custom-made and specifically designed to suit your needs, whatever they may be. Being extremely durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions, they help you prevent any damage to store property. The versatility of these barriers makes them a great tool to have as they can serve more purposes than one. Overall, they seem to be a great investment for your business.        


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