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The requirements for applicants have changed. AVGS-sponsored application coaching is worthwhile so that you are not just one of many in the application process, but also have a really good chance of getting the job of your dreams. Read more here about what it is all about, how you can recognize good applicant coaching and how you can even have it promoted.

What is applicant coaching?

As the name suggests, applicant coaching is coaching for applicants. But not in the sense of a selection process, as you may be familiar with from recruitment assessments that are intended to find out the suitability of an applicant. With application coaching, you as a job seeker are in control and decide not to leave your success to chance. Because you complete an application coaching before the later selection process and the interview in order to prepare yourself in the best possible way for your application phase. The aim is to make the application phase as short and successful as possible and to get you back to work as quickly as possible.

Possible contents of a funded applicant coaching can be:

  • working out yours Status quo: Where do you stand and where do you want to go professionally?
  • potential analysis: What are your strengths and how can you best use them?
  • Create or optimize your applicant profiles: Do you already show your qualities as an employee or are your documents still expandable?
  • Samples of conversation situation: Are you well prepared for the interview?
  • refreshment of applicant knowledge: Do you know what is important when applying today?
  • conflict management: How do you react to unforeseen, critical situations?

Who is applicant coaching suitable for?

In principle, every job seeker benefits from applicant coaching, because good preparation is simply half the battle. It makes a huge difference whether you are familiar with the new features of online applications, which are simply commonplace today, or whether you have to familiarize yourself with them and may miss the application deadline as a result. Whether you appear self-confident because you are well prepared for the interview, or unfortunately cannot fully show your strengths because nervousness is slowing you down.

Applicant coaching is particularly recommended for:

  • Unemployed people who have been looking for a job for a long time: If you’ve been looking for a job for a long time but haven’t had any success so far, it’s even more important that you score with a positive first impression. Applicant coaching will help you make a good impression.
  • People who haven’t written an application for years: Even if you haven’t written any applications for a long time, such training is very worthwhile. The requirements for good applications are simply different today than they were five, ten or even 15 years ago. However, you will not notice that applications are unfamiliar territory for you if you prepare yourself accordingly.
  • People facing a career change: Are you about to change jobs? Are you still in further training and want to build up self-confidence and composure for the application process in addition to your specialist knowledge? Then such coaching is a good thing for you.
  • People who are overwhelmed by the job search: You may also have difficulties with the job search itself. Good applicant coaching can also be a helpful support in such situations. It’s easier when someone shows you what’s important today.
  • People with insecurities and fears: If you know about yourself that unfamiliar situations like a job interview make you very nervous, this is an important realization. With the right preparation, you can consciously reduce the nervousness on the day of the day and thus concentrate on the essentials in the conversation.

How do I recognize good application coaching?

If you would like to take advantage of applicant coaching, take a moment to check the key data carefully. You can look out for the following features:

  • Individual advice: Are there elements in the applicant coaching offered that address you individually as a person, or are only general things addressed and trained? Good applicant coaching at least allows room for personal questions or even includes individual advice.
  • Holistic support: Take a look at the extent to which you are supported in the application coaching. Does it only cover the application process itself or does it also cover questions about the job search or even about getting into the position that has finally been found? Depending on whether it is sufficient for you to get selective support or whether it is important to you to be prepared for the entire process, one or the other format may be better for you.
  • Current knowledge: Since application processes are changing rapidly in our digitized world, a provider of applicant coaching should ensure that only up-to-date knowledge is imparted in the training sessions. You can find out whether applicant coaching is good or bad, e.g. You can tell, for example, by the fact that things like online job searches or online job interviews are also discussed. If this is not the case, the knowledge may be outdated and of no use to you.

Use applicant coaching to get your dream job

As you can see, applicant coaching can be very worthwhile if you don’t learn the hard way with every single application and the often associated rejections, but prepare yourself well and see quick success. Not only do you strengthen your self-confidence and reduce nervousness before an interview, but you also ensure that your application stands out positively among everyone else.

Application coaching can be easily promoted

By the way: You can also receive funding for such applicant coaching, for example through a placement voucher. Make sure that it is a certified provider that offers AVGS-funded applicant coaching and talk to your placement officer at the employment agency about the fact that you would like to take advantage of such funding.


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