5 upcycling pallets for your garden



With a little skill you can conjure up many beautiful objects from old materials. We have put together a number of pallet projects for your garden that are practical and at the same time beautify your garden.

Creative idea – privacy screen made of pallets

Privacy screen made from old pallets

Flower palette as an eye-catcher

Both are suitable as a palette Euro pallets as well as other wooden pallets. It can be used or new, the important thing is that it is still in good condition. The necessary potholders are also easy to make yourself.

Palette of flowers on an arbor wall
DIY flower palette on a gazebo wall

mini raised bed

Pallets can also be used as: mini raised bed to use.

pallet garden
Pallet garden – vegetable garden

garden furniture

Pallet furniture
Pallet furniture

pallet deck

pallet deck
pallet deck



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