With these part-time jobs in the home office, you can now earn additional money


You want to fulfill a special wish, but the salary is not enough for it? Or should a mini-job be taken up alongside raising the children? These 10 side jobs in the home office are ideal.

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Enjoy great benefits with a part-time job in the home office

Working from home is currently more popular than ever. The advantages of the home office are not only the saving of the often long journey to work. More flexibility in the division of work and a better work-life balance has become a matter of course. Not all jobs can be done from home, but the number is growing. If you want to work as a working student, you can be lucky: many companies hire students and let them do their jobs in the home office.

Part-time jobs in the home office bring many advantages

Finally sleeping in every day, sitting at the computer in your pajamas, and getting the job done quickly? Working from home doesn’t look that easy either. Only those who approach their work conscientiously and in a disciplined manner and are well organized will win here. In return, free and flexible working is offered. Homeworkers also appreciate these benefits:

  • less time expenditure, no long distances
  • open time-management
  • no travel expenses
  • no commitment to a fixed place of work
  • tax-free additional income up to 450 euros; and up to 520 euros from October 2022
  • easy compatibility of work and family

The amount of time required varies: only a few hours a week need to be scheduled for a mini-job, while the main job takes several hours a day. Concentration is disturbed more quickly at home, however, and there are many distractions. Having your own office at home is helpful for work and the ability to concentrate. In some cases, the employer can provide a subsidy for the equipment or assume the costs completely.

Notify the employer

A part-time job in the home office should be started? Please do not organize without the employer, who must be informed about the part-time job. The approval of the boss is important and should ideally be in writing. If you also want to have proof at a later date, you need written consent.

The part-time job must not have a negative impact on the main job. This applies to both the time and the quality of the work. The competition is excluded from the field of possible employers for the part-time job! The part-time job must not take place with a competitor of the employer. The statutory working hours and rest periods also apply to part-time jobs. If you are unsure how the working hours for employees and working students are regulated, please read the Working Hours Act. Despite having a mini-job, everyone must have enough time to be able to recover properly. The usual limit for the maximum working time is 48 hours.

Holiday periods always apply to both the main job and the part-time job. If the supervisor assesses that this is not possible in view of the part-time job in the home office, as an employer he may prohibit the work. The employer can approve an exception, but individual agreements must be made with the employee.

Important for students: Those who receive BAföG or have a scholarship may only earn up to a certain amount. Individual agreements are possible, for this, you should contact the scholarship provider or the BAföG office. If the earnings exceed the permissible amount, the study support can be canceled.

Working from home: One of these 10 part-time jobs is definitely the best

Are you looking for the best part-time jobs in the home office? The following ten jobs offer a good additional income. Some of these are mini-jobs, while others can even be practiced as full-time jobs. Anyone who does not want to be employed in a job can also apply for this part-time job in the home office as a freelancer or self-employed. However, this requires registration with the tax office.

  • testing websites

    If you want to examine websites for their quality, you’ve come to the right place. The jobber receives a list of websites that need to be checked for quality, possible errors, and ease of use. The site is evaluated based on various criteria, and these evaluations must then be sent to the client. The site operator carries out the necessary changes. A nice extra income is waiting. Earnings are calculated per website and average ten euros. Specific training is not required for this part-time job in the home office. All frequent surfers earn something here practically on the side!

  • become a copywriter and translator

    The amount of earnings in this part-time job in the home office varies between 15 and 60 euros per hour. However, it is important that you have very good language skills. The demands on translators are high, they should have a perfect command of the language or have extensive training or a degree in this language. No translation program can replace the linguistic knowledge of a native speaker. Copywriters must have a perfect command of spoken and written German. And on the laptop, you should be able to capture text quickly.

  • proofreader

    Proofreaders work for publishers and help ensure that books and other print products are spelling and grammar free. However, the proofreader does not need to revise the content of the manuscript. The German language should be mastered perfectly, further previous knowledge is not necessary for this part-time job in the home office. Proofreaders are also needed for foreign-language books? if you want such a job, you should simply write to the selected publisher.

  • Customer Service Representative

    Many companies have outsourced services, which often include customer service. Up to 20 euros can be earned here per hour by forwarding or answering calls. Usually, customers call who have a defective device to complain about. The part-time job then only has to forward the caller to the appropriate position in the company. Important prerequisites for this part-time job in the home office are good and clear language, patience, politeness, and, if possible, foreign language skills.

  • opinion polls

    Opinion polls give companies and opinion research institutes new insights. Participation is possible against payment of a fee. The time required varies and is between five minutes and half an hour. The task isn’t difficult, it’s just a matter of completing and submitting the survey. This part-time job in the home office does not require any special knowledge. The earnings are usually a maximum of 15 euros per survey, and sometimes only one euro is paid. Registration on the survey platform is necessary for the activity, and the most important personal data is also requested there. The surveys are assigned based on the profile.

  • Testing products on the side

    Anyone who wants to work as a product tester has chosen a simple part-time job in the home office. Here, products are tried out that are not yet on the market. The products are evaluated according to specified criteria. The part-time jobber does not need any prior knowledge, he just has to stick to the given deadlines. Not all products have to be tested, it is also possible to reject the test. In long-term tests, the earnings in this part-time job in the home office can amount to a three-digit amount, but it will usually only be in double digits.

  • become a blogger

    This is the perfect job for anyone who enjoys writing. The topic is not specified in the text. Images and videos can be published with. It is important that the blogger really knows his subject area in order to “capture” the readers. The earnings are not fixed and are achieved, among other things, through advertising revenue. Other types of income are the sale of services and income from the VG word. The earnings in this part-time job in the home office vary depending on the establishment and orientation of the blog and can even reach five-digit heights.

  • Part-time job as a shopping scanner

    Among other things, market research relies on private buyers scanning their purchases. This is important for companies, as it allows them to customize their products according to consumer preferences. The hand scanner is included with the job. Previous knowledge is not necessary, but the earnings in this part-time job in the home office vary. Usually, no money is earned here, but points are awarded, which in turn can be exchanged for prizes when shopping. Of course, your income will fluctuate. GfK and Nielsen are happy to accept applications from shopping scanners.

  • Programmer/software developer

    Anyone who works as a programmer creates and programs new websites or various applications and software. Online courses on programming can also be held as part-time jobs. It is also possible to work as a software tester. A university degree is usually expected as a prerequisite. If you want to start as a career changer, you need the necessary references. The minimum wage in this part-time job in the home office is 50 euros per hour, up to 70 euros are common.

  • Part-time job as a graphic designer

    Graphic designers also work part-time in the home office, work in advertising, and redesign websites. Not only the creation of flyers and posters is possible. Training as a graphic designer is not always mandatory. It is not the training that counts for the client, but the result of the work. Earnings are between 20 and 100 euros per hour, and newcomers can expect a lower income.


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