What are the signs and what helps for an easy return to everyday life after the holidays?


Post-Holiday Syndrome is defined by professionals as feelings of anxiety and stress that arise around the holidays and vacations and may be due to unrealistic expectations or memories related to the holiday season. It can be a sad, anxious, or depressed feeling that has characteristics of seasonal affective disorder. Sleep can be affected, energy levels and even the ability to concentrate, because after all, the holidays also offer a break from the monotony of everyday life and work. After the holidays, returning to everyday life can be stressful and cause anxiety. What can be done to overcome this condition? Continue reading!

Signs of the post-holiday blues

What are the signs of the post-holiday blues

How can you tell if you really are having the post-holiday blues? Rest assured that while the signs may vary, any one of these signs is unlikely to last for too long.

After the adrenaline rush of the holidays you will feel:

  • scared
  • unmotivated
  • stressed
  • depressed
  • irritable
  • in a bad mood
  • You may suffer from insomnia.
  • Maybe you’re worried about money.
  • You can ruminate excessively.

How to Overcome Post-Holiday Syndrome

Post-Holiday Syndrome - What are the signs and what helps to easily return to everyday life after the holidays

Returning to your usual routine and probably a quieter workplace can dampen your spirits because there aren’t any exciting things to look forward to. Look at your past experiences to find out how you usually feel after the holidays. Do you always fall into a low after the holiday season? If you’ve spent the last two holidays in despair, chances are you’ve been in despair during this post-holiday period as well. Take a close look at what you did last time and what relaxed you. And realize that this is generally a phase that is easy to fix.

Keep spending time with people

Boost your spirits by keeping in touch with friends and family

Post-Holiday Syndrome could be related to spending a lot of time with people over the holidays and then suddenly being surrounded by people you don’t know that well, or even no people at all. Boost your spirits by staying in touch with friends and family and engaging in social activities.

Do things that give you something to look forward to

Do things that give you something to look forward to

Rekindle the anticipation by organizing fun activities such as For example, going out to dinner with friends, taking a new class for a hobby or interest, attending a sporting event regularly, going to the cinema, etc. Keep listening to your favorite music. This will definitely bring you back the good vibes. Choose activities that suit your budget, interests and that you know you will enjoy.

Alleviating Post-Holiday Syndrome: Keep moving

You can also stay indoors and work out on an exercise bike if you have one

Exercise gives you the mood lift you need. Working out at the gym would be a good option. You can also stay indoors and work out on an exercise bike if you have one. For those living in a hot climate, swimming, hiking and water sports are ideal mood boosters.

Make healthy choices

Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly will lift your spirits

After all the fun during the holiday season, you often no longer feel quite as fit and are nutritionally weak. Make sure you’re eating healthy again, drinking healthy beverages, and getting enough exercise. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly will boost your spirits and help you get back in shape and fit. Eat your blues away. Eat foods that stimulate your serotonin neurotransmitter (feel good factor). Suitable foods that contain tryptophan (the building block for serotonin) are bananas, poultry, dairy products and peas.

Spend more time in nature

You can find out how to overcome the post-holiday syndrome with us

This way you can also recharge yourself with positive energy. Walks in nature have a relaxing effect on body and mind.

Coping with Post-Holiday Syndrome: Plan your finances

If you haven't planned the holidays well, you should get your finances in order

If you haven’t planned the holidays well and are deep in debt, you should seek advice now and get your finances in order sooner rather than later. That might limit enjoyment for now, but this is probably the best time to feel least deprived!

Expect to enjoy the next few months

Scheduling interesting events throughout the year is a great way to alleviate post-holiday syndrome

Keeping a positive attitude and planning interesting and fulfilling events throughout the year is a great way to ease your current depression. Think about the changing of the seasons and the things you would like to do throughout the year and the activities and events you would like to take part in. The first step is to tackle the things you desire, and once you delve into the planning and execution you will be too busy to fret.


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