When it comes to house renovation, the windows and doors are usually tackled with priority. Even if the garage door is already squeaking or making other strange noises, the renovation comes at the end.

Most homes have a garage with a garage door. Its main purpose is to protect the car, bike and whatever else is found in the garage. However, if the garage door is outdated due to its years, it may happen that the garage door does not offer protection, but rather the family needs to protect themselves from the garage door. If the motor fails or the rollers jump out of the guide, the garage door takes care of itself. If someone happens to be standing in front of it and gets hit by the garage door, it may be too late.

Outdated technology

A garage door is not a courtyard door, it contains many technical components, plus professional measurements of the garage opening and the ceiling height is very important when choosing a garage door. This determines which garage door is actually suitable for installation.

Garage door installation is better left to the professionals

– the drive – rolling gate – sectional door – swing gate A garage door, no matter what model, leaves no room for error. Everything has to be set up and installed precisely, this is the only way for the customer to receive a suitable door with a guarantee that meets the customer's requirements. The automatic switch-off is very important for every door, of course not with a mechanical up-and-over door without a motor. Only the automatic switch-off ensures that the door stops systematically if it comes into contact with an obstacle in order to avoid injuries.

You can choose from:

Caution is advised here, since the door tension springs are under enormous tension in an up-and-over door. Changing from an up-and-over door to a sectional door also involves removing the ceiling and wall mountings, as this is where the new garage door must then be fitted. Depending on the door model, the frame and guide rails can sometimes be retained and only the door leaf has to be replaced, which of course also saves costs and working time.

Removing the old garage door

So that the door or frame fits into the garage opening, a very precise measurement is required for an optimal and functional garage door installation. A problem can arise if the frame is measured incorrectly in its position. If the frame has not been installed properly, the garage door will open sluggishly because it is jammed. It often happens that there are problems with the ceiling height in the garage, then it can happen that the choice of a garage door becomes a problem.

The measurement

A garage door is always a heavy construction, and the technical parts of the door are always in motion during operation. Therefore, the screws and dowels must be chosen carefully. Here the ceiling and wall structure is very important. Is it a concrete ceiling and a brick wall? Proper attachment is very important, especially for the guide rails.

The right material for assembly

With today's garage doors, automatic operators are the norm. The power of the motor depends on the size of the garage door. A motor that is too weak for the gate can mean that the motor overheats and the gate moves down by itself, which in turn poses a high risk of accidents.

The drive