Home Improvements: Replacing the garage door with a door - these options are available

Many a garage is not necessarily used for its original purpose - storing a car. Also for aesthetic reasons you can prefer a door construction instead of the traditional garage door. In this article we will show you how this can be done.

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Good reasons to replace garage door with a door?

There are a number of arguments that can be made in favor of replacing a garage door with a door. Especially when the garage is not (any longer) used as accommodation for the car or bicycles, but rather as a work or hobby room, the conventional up-and-over door or an electrically operated sectional door is not only unnecessary, but also annoying at times.

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What options are there?

There are different ways to replace the garage door with a door. For example: – Install wing garage door – brick up one side, place standard outer door in remaining recess – install light-futende self-construction from door and windows

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Wing garage door

This solution is certainly the simplest. Because here, in addition to the replacement work, there is no further construction work, and certainly not one that requires a lot of creativity and craftsmanship. The big advantage when replacing a swing or sectional garage door with a swing garage door are the standardized dimensions and installation requirements. As a rule, you do not need to plan for any great chiseling and concreting work.

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Insert a single door, brick up the other side

Of course, if you only want a single, standard-sized exterior door for access, you'll need to close off a larger portion of the garage opening. This can be done, for example, simply by bricking up . You should make sure that you use bricks with the same or similar material properties as the existing garage walls, so that the insulation and moisture absorption properties do not differ too much. As a rule, therefore, concrete bricks are popular. For the door to be used, choose an external door model, for example a simple side entrance door.