We build our own moss picture. Do-it-yourself (DIY) is popular. We didn't need a lot of material: – a slat (approx. 20 x 40 x 2000 mm) – a sheet of plywood (approx. 600 x 300 mm) – four dowels (6 mm) – wood glue – black paint – glaze – Moss (approx. 1 kg) First we cut the necessary frame parts from the batten.

Cut for the frame We have also milled a fold into this in order to insert the plywood board onto which the moss is to be glued. We glued the frame with wood glue and additionally inserted a dowel in each of the four corners.

Frame with milled fold We painted the plywood board black and inserted it before glazing the frame to check the accuracy of fit.

Plywood panel in wooden frame Now followed the glaze and then the gluing of the plywood panel.

Finished wooden frame for the moss picture. Now the moss had to be freed from residues such as pine needles. We had ordered the moss itself from an online retailer. We chose natural moss from Iceland. This is delivered preserved and can be used for the moss picture without further processing. If you want to be really creative, you can also use and process moss stones, pole moss or flat moss. We finally glued the moss with normal wood glue.

Conclusion: The effort to make your own moss picture is low and certainly also suitable for beginners. Besides, you can save a lot of money.