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Retraining as a clerk in office management IHK

Sometimes life just doesn’t go the way we dreamed it would. The desired degree turns out to be a real nightmare. Your craft is now zero fun and pushes you to your physical limits. Or maybe you have an education that is no longer in demand in today’s job market?

It doesn’t matter why you’re looking for something new – you can really get off to a flying start with retraining as a clerk in office management IHK. Including job guarantee!

What does a clerk for office management IHK do?

As a clerk for office management IHK you are the legendary “jack of all trades” in every office:

  • Versatile activities: From order processing to contract conclusion to the purchase of products or services, many different things end up on your desk.
  • Communication: You help design office processes and organize work processes. And so you are involved in different areas. That includes a lot of communication. After all, colleagues should always know what’s going on.
  • acquisition: In some offices, office management clerks are also involved in customer acquisition. Or are responsible for customer loyalty, which is just as important.
  • organization: You may be organizing events or business trips – from A for schedule to Z for tent rental. Or you plan other projects, such as further training for colleagues, and accompany them.

As you can see, with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce degree in office management, many doors are open to you. An extremely exciting working day awaits you! But the best thing is: With this retraining you are not tied to a specific industry – you can start anywhere.

Do you finally want a job with the opportunity to work from home? Or would you like to go to the office and sometimes wear a blouse or suit? The companies in which these merchants are needed are just as diverse as this profession!

Clerk office management IHK: What exactly is retraining?

A retraining is a real new beginning: In contrast to further training, with a retraining you completely reorient yourself professionally.

What previous knowledge is required for this retraining?

There are actually only three requirements for this special retraining: You need to have completed vocational training OR the Abitur OR at least three years of professional experience. Good written and spoken German and basic computer skills are also essential, that’s clear.

When does the Employment Agency pay for your retraining?

In official German: The Employment Agency supports you with retraining if this measure is necessary for your reintegration into the labor market. For example, if you are unemployed and have no prospect of returning to the labor market, are threatened with unemployment, are no longer physically or mentally fit for your current job, or have learned a profession that no longer exists and you no longer have a chance , to find a job. Would you like to know more about this funded restart? Just have a look at our blog post “Who gets retraining from the employment office: 3 eligible situations for non-unemployed people”. Or you can contact our consulting team straight away – we’re happy to help!

How does retraining to become a clerk in office management IHK work at karriere tutor®?

First of all: We are at your side even before the start of your retraining. Because in order to be able to do subsidized retraining, you need the okay from the employment office or your job center. We will help you right from the start so that you are perfectly prepared for the consultation necessary for 100% funding.

How long does it take to retrain as a clerk in office management at karriere tutor®?

Once you have the funding commitment in your pocket, you can start every month with retraining to become a clerk in office management IHK. For about two years, Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., you will learn everything you need for this exciting job. During this period you will also do a 6-month internship, where you can gain your first professional experience. At the end of the retraining, you will take the important exam in front of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

We will also help you with the application. Because we want to be absolutely sure that you are also well prepared in this regard. And then you’ll find a new job in no time!

Digression: Is retraining still worthwhile in old age?

Hey, the proverbial old iron is almost non-existent on the job market today – thanks to the shortage of skilled workers! With a retraining as a clerk / clerk office management IHK you are extremely versatile and in high demand on the job market. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or already one of the best agers. In the blog post “Job hunting over 50: show off instead of giving up!” you will find a lot more information for the time after graduation.

What are the chances for career changers with retraining as a clerk in office management IHK?

Great! Because without you, nothing works in any modern office. After all, as an all-rounder you can be used very flexibly. And that’s why you’re guaranteed not to be bored.

In addition, as a career changer, you are in great demand on the job market. On the one hand, you have proven with the retraining that you are motivated and have enough initiative to take things into your own hands. On the other hand, one of your important soft skills is the willingness to learn. And we all need them in these rapidly changing worlds of work.

In the blog post “Jobs from career changers – your big chance?” you will find many more reasons why you have great opportunities on the job market!

Get started now! With retraining as a clerk / clerk office management IHK

And? Have you now felt like starting with a new, totally interesting job? Then there is now a lot to do! But we at karriere tutor® are happy to advise you and are at your side from preparing for the interview at the employment office to looking for a job.

We’ll tell you one more thing: the salary of office management clerks is a whole lot higher than it used to be for most graduates of this retraining course. Great right?

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