January18 , 2022

    In the test: New self-service tool rental in Bern


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    In the test: New self-service tool rental in Bern

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    Since I like to make something out of wood in between or repair objects (instead of throwing them away), I was asked whether I would like Bosch Switzerland the pilot project would like to test and write about it in Bern for a fee. Of course, I said yes, after all, I think the idea is great, because I’ve dealt more and more with the topic of sustainability and zero waste in recent months.


    So I went to Bern to test the tool rental. While I was still on the train, I reserved a cordless jigsaw on the website and received a message that the device had been reserved for me for an hour. Should I decide otherwise, the reservation will expire and there will be no costs for me.

    When I arrived in Bern, I started looking for the rental station. Thanks to the map on the website, I found the job quickly, people familiar with the area would have arrived before me.


    When I stood in front of the rental station, I scanned the QR code that was printed on it, signed up, and entered my profile My loan and clicked on the jigsaw Pick up. After a security message, which I confirmed, door number 8 opened as if by magic and I was able to remove the blue box. I then closed the door by hand and confirmed via the website that I had shut the door again. That was easy!

    In the box

    After that, of course, I had to open the box and inspect the contents. Everything was there, the jigsaw and the accessories looked perfect and new. I was also amazed at the processing quality of the blue machine and the accessories: the difference between the green DIY line (some of which I have at home in the workshop) and the blue professional line is immediately noticeable and visible. The weight of the jigsaw alone gave an idea that the inner workings are designed for greater and longer loads. We are certainly also suitable for a tool rental.


    Since all my friends in Bern and the surrounding area had nothing to saw up at the moment, I packed everything up again, stood in front of the rental box and dialed in my account Return the device out and the door opened again as if by magic. I closed the door, paid the daily fee of CHF 15 and went home. That worked great! Here is a quick video of how I bring the box back:

    It’s that easy. Pick up and return at the touch of a button in the online account

    What i liked

    • Independent and smooth loan, also suitable for spontaneous handicraft ideas
    • Centrally located, certainly perfect for everyone in Bern and the surrounding area
    • High quality tool, great condition including operating instructions, two charged batteries and accessories
    • Ease of use of the website
    • Fair prices (between CHF 5–50 / 24 h, most devices are around CHF 15/24 h)

    What else I wish for

    • More precise (hourly) billing instead of just every 24 hours
    • Clearer instructions for the first loan (but it’s amazingly easy once you’ve done it)
    • Connection of other means of payment such as Apple Pay / Twint
    • More rental boxes in other cities (Aarau first!)
    • Rental service with delivery by post


    Overall, a very successful pilot project from Bosch Switzerland. On the one hand, it just doesn’t always make sense that everyone has a cordless screwdriver at home that they only need 2 minutes a year. On the other hand, this also gives you the opportunity to test a device from the professional line first if you want to buy one. For me as a do-it-yourselfer and hobbyist, it is definitely a very welcome solution. If the pilot project in Bern is used successfully, Bosch Switzerland will also consider opening rental boxes at other locations.

    So Bärner Meitschis and Giele: diligently lends equipment so that the rest of Switzerland can also use this cool service.

    And what do you think about the pilot project? Would you make use of it if such a rental box were in your area?