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How to play Gimkit for free?



Gimkit game is a site and the digital platform for gaming that can be accessed by any user. Gimkit was developed by the student as a school project but later it was really appreciated. Gimkit is usually used by the student for playing games it is used by the school teachers for making quiz games for the students. It can be used by the students in and outside the classes. Usually professors in the universities used these sites to make their teaching process easy to understand by the student and help the students in the study. It works onsite and online it make the teaching easy and take less time to teach the concept to the students. It makes the life of students easy and help the students to learn the concept in short time and make the student easily understand everything.

Is Gimkit good for kids?

There are several types of question related to Gimkit. Few of these questions are multiple choice and text input. Students may select the correct answer(s) or enter in the text box based on the question in the text box, or based on the applied photo or audio recording. Based on how fine they do, students earn simulated currency: Gimkit cash, which they can “invest” in the game to boost their score. There are many games mode of the Gimkit that increase the interest of student with the material.

Create a kit:

Gimkit allow user to make unlimited kits but before that user have to login in the site. After completing the login process user can have access to all the features of the Gimkit and can make as many sites as they want just by clicking at the top right corner of the site from there user can also create additional features to the new kit.

How to earn money in Gimkit?

After providing the basic information to the kit. Users are able to add their questions in several ways such as USB flash drive from a kitcollab or from the spread sheet.

If users want to add a question of multiple choice or text input, they write their question and their possible answers with the option of adding a photo or applying audio to make their question well. As another option, Gimkit allow users to type in one or more right answers as well as the incorrect ones for students to select from when they start to play. For text, users only enter the correct answer(s).

Once providing the information and completing the steps providing the required question answers user can finish the work by just clicking on the finish button on the top right corner.

Live play:

When kit login process is completed and after providing the correct answers to the site user can play live there are several game modes for educators if they want to join. If the user want to join then the user join just by providing the link or by just writing the code. After joining user have to just login by providing email and password.

View result and reports:

Results are available after the users complete the live game or assignment. Reports include the student overview; general overview and the question break down.

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