Opposite the Northern Hemisphere, Australia witnesses its hottest months from December to February. Though the Australian sunshine is warm and lazy, you don’t always spend the summer days on the country’s gorgeous beaches. The right evaporative coolers give you the best cool air that you can get. They give fresh air and also keep the room safe from insects, bacteria, mold and mildew growth.

But before air conditioners became common, we were dependent on coolers for cooling our immediate environment. So, we have listed a comparison between evaporative coolers and air conditioners for better understanding.

What are evaporative coolers?

air conditioner
air conditioner

We can say that evaporative coolers or swamp coolers have been historical in the cooling game for a very long time. They were traditionally used for generations and still hold an important place in the market. They are large for cooling large areas in the driest and humid temperatures. It also depends on how you check the size of the rooms and then install the evaporative coolers.

Let’s look at some factors that might make you pick coolers over conditioners in the next summer season.


In an evaporative cooling process, evaporation of liquid happens in the air stream, and it converts into gas. The energy required in this process is extracted from the surrounding air in the heat.

Cost and maintenance

Evaporative coolers are energy efficient and, at the same time, economically conscious when it comes to installation, cleaning, and maintenance. They are also easy to relocate as per the requirement and repair if damaged.

Air conditioners are also energy efficient, but since many AC units are placed outdoors, they require more effort in maintenance and cleaning. The Cost is comparatively higher, but you can get more options in the choice of brands.

Air quality and feel

Evaporative coolers are comparatively better for circulating the air throughout your home or office or any place they are set up in. The air remains fresh even if the cooler is working for hours. Because of being run on water, there is a natural feel of cooling. The right coolers give filtered air, and hence, you can go for installing them for a long-term return. Therefore, they sometimes leave the skin dry. Also, they don’t allow for the doors and windows to be open, so they can cause suffocation and discomfort. Air conditioning units do not make a lot of noise while running.

Climate and temperature control

Evaporative coolers will be the best choice for hot and dry areas, whereas air conditioners are better for humid and humid climatic surroundings. There are various brands that you get in terms of cool air and air conditioners, and you can check the temperature control system that keeps your home too cold, or moderate and dry.

Environmental concerns

Air conditioners require a lot of energy in the form of electricity and power to run and have a higher level of emissions than evaporative coolers have relatively lower emissions than air conditioning units because of no additional refrigerant. There is a very low initial and ongoing cost when you install high-quality and branded evaporative coolers, and you need constant airflow to operate the system.



Although an air conditioner is the first name that pops up in our minds when we think of cooling our homes, offices, or other spaces, the cooling system’s choice should depend on when, where, and how much you want to use it.

So, the next time you are looking for an alternative or a more cost and environmentally-conscious alternative for cooling your space, evaporative coolers can be the most suitable.